Millennium: 2nd millennium

Events and Trends[]

  • 1100
    • Henry I becomes King of England.
    • Henry I proclaims the Charter of Liberties, one of the first examples of a constitution.
    • Baldwin I becomes King of Jerusalem.
    • The cities of Kalmar, Kungälv, and Varberg, Sweden are chartered.
    • In Iceland, Althing decides that the laws should be transferred to a written form
    • Approximate date of the invention of checkers.
  • 1102
    • Coronation of Coloman of Hungary in the town of Biograd, adding the Croatian duchies of Slavonia and Dalmatia to the crown of Hungary (Personal union with Hungary).
    • Crusaders capture Caesarea Maritima.
    • Crusaders defeat an Egyptian invasion of the Kingdom of Jerusalem near Ascalon.
  • 1103
    • April 27 — Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, goes into exile after falling out with Henry I of England
    • Amadeus III becomes Count of Savoy
    • Bohemund I of Antioch is released from imprisonment among the Turks
    • The Scandinavian city of Lund becomes a see within the Roman Catholic Church
    • Sigurd Jorsalfare, Øystein Magnusson and Olav Magnusson become joint kings of Norway.
  • 1104
    • September 3 — St. Cuthbert reburied in the Durham Cathedral
    • The Venice Arsenal, is founded in Venice.
    • Alfonso I of Aragon becomes King of Aragon and Navarre.
    • Historian Guibert of Nogent becomes abbot of Notre Dame de Nogent.
    • Baldwin I of Jerusalem captures Acre.
    • Baldwin II, count of Edessa, is taken prisoner by the Seljuk Turks at the Battle of Harran; Tancred becomes regent.
    • Kilij Arslan I, Sultan of Rüm, starts a war with the Danishmends.
    • The volcano Hekla erupts in Iceland, destroying settlements
  • 1105
    • Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor deposed by his son, Henry V
    • Tamna kingdom annexed by Korean Goryeo Dynasty.
  • 1106
    • Great Comet of 1106 first sighted.[1]
    • September 28 — Henry I of England defeats his older brother Robert Curthose, duke of Normandy, at the Battle of Tinchebrai, and imprisons him in Devizes castle; Edgar Atheling and William Clito are also taken prisoner.
    • Balaguer, Spain, is captured from the Moors by the count of Urgell.
    • Boleslaus III of Poland begins a war against his brother Zbigniew for control of Poland.
  • 1108
    • May — Battle of Ucles
    • Consecration of Chichester cathedral.
    • Saint Magnus becomes the first earl of Orkney.
    • In Pistoia, Italy, Cathedral of San Zeno burned to the ground.
    • Alexius I Comnenus and Bohemund I of Antioch negotiate the Treaty of Devol.

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