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166 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 166

Ab urbe condita 919
Armenian calendar N/A
Bahá'í calendar -1678 – -1677
Buddhist calendar 710
Coptic calendar -118 – -117
Ethiopian calendar 158 – 159
Hebrew calendar 3926 3927
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 221 – 222
 - Shaka Samvat 88 – 89
 - Kali Yuga 3267 – 3268
Holocene calendar 10166
Iranian calendar 456 BP – 455 BP
Islamic calendar 470 BH – 469 BH
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 826
Julian calendar 211
Korean calendar 2499
Thai solar calendar 709


By Place[]

Roman Empire[]

  • Dacia is invaded by barbarians.
  • Conflict erupts on the Danube frontier between Rome and the Germanic tribe of the Marcomanni.
  • Marcus Aurelius appoints his sons as Caesars, while he and Verus travel to Germany.
  • A Roman envoy sent out by emperor Marcus Aurelius arrives by sea in southern China. He travels to the Chinese capital Luoyang and is greeted by Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty.
  • End of the war with Parthia: The Parthians leave Armenia and eastern Mesopotamia, which both become Roman protectorates.
    • A plague (possibly small pox), comes from the East and spreads throughout the Empire, lasting for roughly twenty years.
    • The Lombards invade Pannonia. They are quickly dispatched by the Roman Army.


By Topic[]




People of the year 166 at Familypedia

0 people were born in 166

0 children were born to the 0 women born in 166

1 people died in 166

 FatherMotherAge at death
Clodomir IV der Franken (aft107-166)Marcomir IV der Franken (aft91-149)Athildus of Britain59

5 people lived in 166

Aaltje Stam (1811-1860)Pieter Stam (1775-1858)Sijbregje Leek (1777-1847)
Clodomir IV der Franken (aft107-166)Marcomir IV der Franken (aft91-149)Athildus of Britain
Farabert der Franken (c122-186)Clodomir IV der Franken (aft107-166)Hasilda van Rugij ca 106
Hilderic der Franken (aft154-253)Sunno der Franken (c137-213)
Sunno der Franken (c137-213)Farabert der Franken (c122-186)

Events of the year 166 at Familypedia

0 people were married in 166.

There were 0 military battles in 166.

0 0 0.2

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