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Year 1864 (MDCCCLXIV) was a leap year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian Calendar (or a leap year starting on Wednesday of the 12-day slower Julian calendar).

Events of 1864[]

January - March[]

February 17: Hunley submarine.

April - June[]

American Civil War in 1864

May 13: Battle of Resaca.

August 5: Battle of Mobile Bay.

July - September[]

Aug. 22: Red Cross

October - December[]

Nov.15: Sherman's March to the Sea.

November 30: Battle of Franklin.


  • France In 1864, Auguste Peureux decided to codify the age-old traditions of the master distillers of the Saône Vosges to preserve them. In Fougerolles, France the "Grandes Distilleries Peureux" was established.The famous traditions remains a highly guarded secret, handed down in the company from master distiller to master distiller.The premium vodka Peureux Perfect 1864 is named after this tradition and comes from this Distillery called Grandes Distilleries Peureux.

Ongoing events[]


1864 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1864

Ab urbe condita 2617
Armenian calendar 1313
Bahá'í calendar 20 – 21
Buddhist calendar 2408
Coptic calendar 1580 – 1581
Ethiopian calendar 1856 – 1857
Hebrew calendar 5624 5625
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1919 – 1920
 - Shaka Samvat 1786 – 1787
 - Kali Yuga 4965 – 4966
Holocene calendar 11864
Iranian calendar 1242 – 1243
Islamic calendar 1280 – 1281
Japanese calendar Bunkyū 4

(文久 4 年)

— changed to —
Genji 1

(元治 元年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2524
Julian calendar 1909
Korean calendar 4197
Thai solar calendar 2407

January - June[]

July - December[]

See also 1864 births.


January - June[]

July - December[]


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  2. ^ Meyers Konversationslexikon

People of the year 1864 at Familypedia

289 people were born in 1864

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Alice Abderhalden (1864-1931)
Yui Adachi (1864-1949)
Robert Grant Aitken (1864-1951)Robert Aitken (1826-1895)Wilhelmina Depinau (1833-1888)
John Gladding Aldrich (1864-1952)Elisha Smith Aldrich (1836-1905)Anna Elizabeth Gladding (1837-1897)
Calvert Lorenzo Allred (1864-1932)Sidney Rigdon Allred (1837-1911)Lucy Ann Allred (1845-1906)
John Warren Allred (1864-1910)Rueben Warren Allred (1827-1916)Elzadie Emeline Ford (1827-1887)
Andreas Andreasen (1864-)Johannes Andreasen (1834-)Sidsel Marie Jensen (1822-1873)
Claud Anson (1864-1947)Thomas George Anson, 2nd Earl of Lichfield (1825-1892)Harriet Georgiana Louisa Hamilton (1834-1913)
Emily Apps (1864-1902)Moses Baker Apps (1833-1875)Harriet Eggins (1838-1875)
John Jacob Astor (1864-1912)William Backhouse Astor (1829-1892)Caroline Webster Schermerhorn (1830-1908)
Albert Henry Avard (1864-1920)David Avard (1839-1910)Elizabeth Newton (1841-1890)
James Edward Baglin (1863-)James Poulton Baglin (c1835-1912)Caroline Lovell (c1842-1872)
Alicia Basset (1864-1928)
Annie Matilda Bayliss (1864-1937)John Bayliss (1838-1917)Susannah Merrick (1841-1916)
Jean-Paul Beauvais (1864-1940)
... further results

136 children were born to the 122 women born in 1864

192 people died in 1864

 FatherMotherAge at death
Thomas Isaac Coffin Amory (1828-1864)Jonathan Amory (1802-1885)Letitia Austin (1807-1875)
John Appleton (1815-1864)John White Appleton (1780-1862)Sophia Williams (1786-1860)
James Arbon (1780-1864)James Arbon (c1755-1796)Hannah Unknown (c1767)
John Cavelor Arbon (1813-1864)James Arbon (1780-1864)Elizabeth Newman (1787-1868)
Friedrich August von Anhalt-Dessau (1799-1864)Friedrich von Anhalt-Dessau (1769-1814)Amalie von Hessen-Homburg (1774-1846)
Jeremy Ashmore (1810-1864)
Joseph Backhouse (1781-1864)Joseph Backhouse (1754-1832)Rebecca Limbert (1761-1789)83
Anthony Bacon (1796-1864)Anthony Bushby Bacon (1772-1827)Elizabeth Ramsbottom (bef1796-)
Pieter Bakker (1795-1864)Harmen Bakker (1745-1796)Marijtje Elders (1756-1827)
Henry Baldwin (1827-1864)Edwin Baldwin (1805-1868)Alice Clark (1810-1863)
Ellen Bardsley (1819-1864)William Bardsley (1777-1841)Nancy Spittle (1781-1840)
William Bingham Baring, 2nd Baron Ashburton (1799-1864)Alexander Baring, 1st Baron Ashburton (1774-1848)Anne Louise Bingham (1782-1848)
Rachel Marsh Barney (1783-1864)James Barney (1757-1805)Thankful Love Marsh (1758-1840)
Joshua Bates (1788-1864)Joshua Bates (1755-1804)Tirzah Pratt (1764-1841)
Mary Bigelow (1775-1864)Thomas Bigelow (1753-1837)Hannah Chase (1757-1848)
... further results

16196 people lived in 1864

Andreas Honecker (1832-1912)Nomen nescioElisabeth Honecker (1821-1883)
Ludwik Wiktor Plater-Zyberk h. wł (1853-1938)Henryk Wacław Ksawery Plater-Zyberk (1811-1903)Adelaida von Keller (1817-1905)
Samantha Aaberg (1859-1930)
Pieter Aangeenbrug (1834-1908)Cornelis Aangeenbrug (1802-1861)Geertje Pietersdr van der Neut (1801-c1835)
Hendrina Aarts (1805-1876)Godefridus Aarts (1778-1826)Elisabeth Damen (1787-1848)
Ashley Aartsen (1843-1920)Edward Aartsen (1810-1890)Janet Bennewitz (1813-1900)
Edward Aartsen (1810-1890)
Donatien Abadie (1820-1900)
Jean-Claude Abadie (1848-1930)Donatien Abadie (1820-1900)Clara Mermoz (1819-1903)
Rafael Abasolo (1849-1900)
Arsalina Abbadie (1822-1900)Jean-Luc Abbadie (1795-1840)Audrey Bidard (1799-1860)
Anne Wales Abbot (1808-1908)Abiel Abbot (1770-1828)Eunice Wales (1772-1831)
Hannah Abbot (1789-1871)William Abbot (1748-1793)Phebe Ballard (1752-1846)
Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Ezra Abbot (1772-1847)Rebekah Hale (1781-1860)
Stanley Harris Abbot (1863-1935)Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Caroline Ann Greeley (1836-1911)
... further results

Events of the year 1864 at Familypedia

261 people were married in 1864.

 Joined with
George Washington Adair (1837-1909)Ann Catherine Chestnut (1844-1863) + Emily Prescinda Tyler (1847-1917)
Emily Albury (1844-1917)Jethro Emerton (1841-1935)
Rachel Ann Albury (1847-1924)Richard Sheather (1844-1902)+James Brown (1856-1925)
Benjamin Lamoni Alexander (1840-1913)Catherine Malinda Kelley (1847-1899)
Jesse G. Alford (1838-1900)Narcissa McClendon (1840-1899)
Robert Amory (1842-1910)Marianne Appleton Lawrence (1843-1882)+Katherine Leighton Crehore (1862-1920)
Charles Armstrong (1832-1907)Sarah Seaman (1843-1933)
Ann Avery (1843-1871)James Maybury (1837-1896)
Sarah Avery (1846-1928)George Henry Bramble (1844-1917)
George Manney Ayer (1840-1914)Amy Gridley Butler (1848-1916)
Kunigunde Barbara Bach (1832-1915)Unknown Breiter (bef1854-)+Johann Georg Trump (1830-1886)
William Edward Baglin (1839-1908)Mary Stallard (c1839-1904)+Gertrude Rosa Burgess (1874-1958)
Joshua Nimrod Bagnall (1842-1913)Louisa Parker (1845-1928)
John Bradley Baldwin (1839-1909)Jane Olivia Curtis (1842-1866)+Louise Eldredge Perham (1848-1886)+Martha Jane Cole Torrey (1842-1907)
Alexander Hugh Baring, 4th Baron Ashburton (1835-1889)Leonora Caroline Digby (1844-1930)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1864.

0.017843912077056 1.1147540983607 0.011854778957767

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