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877 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 877

Ab urbe condita 1630
Armenian calendar 326
Bahá'í calendar -967 – -966
Buddhist calendar 1421
Coptic calendar 593 – 594
Ethiopian calendar 869 – 870
Hebrew calendar 4637 4638
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 932 – 933
 - Shaka Samvat 799 – 800
 - Kali Yuga 3978 – 3979
Holocene calendar 10877
Iranian calendar 255 – 256
Islamic calendar 263 – 264
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1537
Julian calendar 922
Korean calendar 3210
Thai solar calendar 1420


By Place[]



  • The Danes take Exeter
  • Aed Whitefoot succeeds Constantine I of Scotland.
  • Pope John VIII needed the help of Charles the Bald, king of West Francia, against attacks by the Saracens in Italy. At the end of June Charles set out for Italy accompanied by his wife Richilda and only a small number of his chief vassals. Orders had been issued for an army to be assembled to join him a little later. Pope John VIII received Charles at Vercelli. But at the same time Carloman, king of Bavaria and the East Mark, had also crossed the Alps into eastern Lombardy at the head of a powerful army. Charles hurried on the coronation of Richilda as Empress and sends her back to Gaul with orders for the reinforcements to hurry. However, the Frankish aristocracy was more concerned with the attacks by the Northmen in their country than the war with the Saracens in southern Italy. When the reinforcements didn't arrive, Charles the Bald was compelled to return to West Francia. But on the road he died in a poor hovel. It was said that he was poisoned by his Jewish doctor Zedekiah. Carloman of Bavaria forced by an epidemic, which broke out in his army, returned to Germany.

When Louis the Stammerer received news of the death of his father, Charles the Bald, he made plans to go into West Francia to receive the oath of fidelity from his new subjects. On his way he learned that the magnates were refusing him obedience by rallying around Boso and the Abbot Hugh. The rebels were supported by his stepmother, the widowed Empress Richilda, and, as a sign of their displeasure, were ravaging the country. Boso was the brother of Richilda and duke of Provence, Hugh had been given the Abbey of Saint-Bertin by Louis’ father. Hincmar, Archbishop of Rheims, interceded and the rebels agreed to a settlement. The magnates, whose rights the king promised to recognize, all made their submissions. On December 8, 877 Hincmar crowned Louis the Stammerer King of the West Franks in the church of Compiegne



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People of the year 877 at Familypedia

1 people were born in 877

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Louis (877-879)Louis the Younger (830-882)Luitgard von Sachsen (c845-885)

0 children were born to the 0 women born in 877

7 people died in 877

 FatherMotherAge at death
Bertha (?-877)Louis the German (c806-876)Hemma of Altdorf (808-876)
Bertha (c830-c877)Lothair (795-855)Ermengard of Tours (801-851)
Charles the Bald (823-877)Louis the Pious (778-840)Judith of Bavaria (795-843)
Charles (876-877)Charles the Bald (823-877)Richildis de Provence (c845-910)
Ermentrud (854-877)Charles the Bald (823-877)Ermentrude d'Orléans (830-869)
Oleg Svyatoslavich of the Drevlyans (bef957-977)Svyatoslav I Igorevich of Kiev (c942-972)Predslava
Berthe de Tours (-877)Hugh of Tours (c780-837)Bava (782-)

106 people lived in 877

Ingelger I, Count of Anjou and Orléans (845-888)Tertullus of Anjou (?-?)Petronilla (825-?)
Poppa van Bayeux (c870-c910)
Richard, Duke of Burgundy (850-921)Bivin of Gorze (810-863)Richildis (c810-?)
Richildis de Provence (c845-910)Bivin of Gorze (810-863)Richildis (c810-?)
Theobald d'Arles (-925)Hucbert d'Arles (830-864)
Arnulf of Carinthia (850-899)Carloman of Bavaria (829-880)Liutswind (?-?)
Bernard de Laon (c844-aft893)Pepin de Vermandois (c815-aft848)
Bertha (c830-c877)Lothair (795-855)Ermengard of Tours (801-851)
Bertha (c863-925)Lothair II of Lotharingia (c835-869)Waldrada (c835-)
Carloman of France (866-884)Louis the Stammerer (846-879)Ansgarde of Burgundy (826-c881)
Carloman of Bavaria (829-880)Louis the German (c804-876)Hemma of Altdorf (803-876)
Charles (876-877)Charles the Bald (823-877)Richildis de Provence (c845-910)
Charles the Bald (823-877)Louis the Pious (778-840)Judith of Bavaria (795-843)
Charles the Fat (839-888)Louis the German (c806-876)Hemma of Altdorf (808-876)
Ermengarde (c853-896)Louis II (c825-875)Engelberga (?-c898)
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0 people were married in 877.

There were 0 military battles in 877.

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