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The 8th century is the period from 701 to 800 in accordance with the Julian calendar in the Christian Era.


During this century the Middle East, the coast of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula comes rapidly under Islamic Arab domination. The westward expansion of the Arab Empire is famously halted at the Battle of Tours. The tide of Arab conquest came to an end in the middle of the 8th century.[1] Late in the century the Vikings, seafaring peoples from Scandinavia begin raiding the coasts of Europe and the Mediterranean creating a terrifying legacy. They go on to found several important kingdoms.


Borobudur from a distance

The Leshan Giant Buddha of Sichuan province, China; construction began in 713, completed in 803.

  • Sometime this century, Beowulf is probably composed.
  • The first Serbian state is formed at the beginning of the century.

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