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981 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 981

Ab urbe condita 1734
Armenian calendar 430
Bahá'í calendar -863 – -862
Buddhist calendar 1525
Coptic calendar 697 – 698
Ethiopian calendar 973 – 974
Hebrew calendar 4741 4742
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1036 – 1037
 - Shaka Samvat 903 – 904
 - Kali Yuga 4082 – 4083
Holocene calendar 10981
Iranian calendar 359 – 360
Islamic calendar 370 – 371
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1641
Julian calendar 1026
Korean calendar 3314
Thai solar calendar 1524


By Place[]


  • The great Viking explorer Eric the Red left Norway to survey an island west of Iceland. He found land and he named it Greenland. Hundreds of land-starved Vikings boarded longships and headed west for this so-called "Greenland."


  • The first ever Mahamasthakabhisheka of the sacred 57 feet high monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali was performed in 981 A.D.
  • The majestic Gommateshwara statue built by Chavundaraya in 981 AD
  • Invasion of Byzantine by Bulgarians in 981-996AD.
  • First commercially sold special soap for shaving. Sold for 3 Dirhams (0.3 Dinars).



People of the year 981 at Familypedia

6 people were born in 981

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Ordoño Ramírez de León (c981-aft1024)Ramiro III of León (961-985)Sancha Gómez de Saldaña y Liébana (?-?)
Lambert of Poland (c981-aft995)Mieszko I of Poland (c932-992)Oda von Haldensleben (c962-1023)
Świętopełk of Poland (c980-bef991)Mieszko I of Poland (c932-992)Oda von Haldensleben (c962-1023)
Toda of Arles (981-?)Guillaume I de Provence (956-993)Adelaide of Anjou (c947-1026)
Bernard Roger de Foix (981-c1037)Roger I de Carcassonne (c950-1012)Adelaide de Rouergue (c950-1011)
Mainard de Sens (981-1013)Fromont II de Sens (960-1012)Gerberge de Roucy (960-?)

8 children were born to the 1 women born in 981

4 people died in 981

 FatherMotherAge at death
Mathilde (943-c981)Louis IV (c920-954)Gerberga von Sachsen (913-969)
Hoël I de Nantes (930-981)Alain II de Bretagne (900-952)Gerberge de Tours (905-952)
Bernard I de Turenne (915-981)Rodulphe I de TurenneAdélaïde de Rouergue (895-c942)
Ramiro of Viguera (?-981)García of Pamplona (c919-970)Teresa Ramírez of León (bef943-)

300 people lived in 981

Dobrynya (c945-c995)Malk Lyubchanin
Konstantin Dobrynich (c965-1022)Dobrynya (c945-c995)
Malfrida (c965-1000)
Malusha (940-1020)Malk Lyubchanin
Olava (c960-c995)
Malcolm II of Scotland (c954-1034)Kenneth II of Scotland (bef954-995)Unknown of Leinster (c930-)
Anna Porphyrogenita (963-1011)Romanos II (938-963)Theophano (941-c980)
Rostaing Arbald (965-1023)Pons Arbald (930-?)Hermengarde of Arles (940-999)
Torf of Argouges (980-1020)Bernard of Argouges (950-?)Catherine de Bricquebec (955-c1002)
Ordoño Ramírez de León (c981-aft1024)Ramiro III of León (961-985)Sancha Gómez de Saldaña y Liébana (?-?)
Ramiro III of León (961-985)Sancho I of León (?-966)Teresa Ansúrez (?-?)
Baldricus, Seigneur de Bacqueville (-1033)
Bernhard I von Sachsen (c950-1011)Hermann Billung (c906-973)Oda (?-?)
Ekbert Billung (935-994)Wichmann Billung (916-944)
Hathui Billung (939-1014)Wichmann Billung (916-944)Bia von Ringelsheim (-)
... further results

Events of the year 981 at Familypedia

0 people were married in 981.

There were 1 military battles in 981.

 Event date
Battle of Torrevicente9 July 981 JL
0.02 8 0.013333333333333

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