"AWT" stands for "Ancestry World Tree", a collection of user-submitted files that were displayed in a very similar manner to those in WorldConnect since the latter became part of the same conglomerate. It claimed (in January 2013) to contain "nearly 400 million names in family trees submitted by our users. The Ancestry World Tree is the largest collection of its kind on the Internet."

AWT could often fill in a gap in a genealogy, but was generally no more reliable than any other user-submitted site.

It was discontinued by about 2015. Some of its files have been "moved" to WorldConnect, but not all of them have the same database numbers. Please help us all if you find a page that has {{Cite AWT}}, which no longer works. If you can find the same person on WorldConnect, please replace the link. You may be able to use {{Cite WC}} and you may be lucky to find the same database reference.

The same phrase "Ancestry World Tree" is apparently not "trademarked" and may be seen in advertisements for, which in January 2013 claimed to have "over 236,779,785 submitted pedigree-linked names".

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