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Aarnout van Holland, Count of Holland, was born circa 951 in Ghent, East Flanders, Flanders, Belgium to Dirk II van Holland (930-988) and Hildegard of Flanders (935-990) and died 18 September 993 Winkel, North Holland, Netherlands of drowning. He married Lutgardis von Luxemburg (955-1003) May 980 JL . Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899).

Arnulf is first mentioned (together with his parents) in 970. Like his father, his name appears in numerous Flemish documents at the time. In 983 Arnulf accompanied Emperor Otto II and future Emperor Otto III on their journey to Verona and Rome. As count he managed to expand his territories southwards. Arnulf donated several properties to the Abbey of Egmond, amongst others, Hillegersberg (which was previously called Bergan, but renamed after Arnulf's mother) and Overschie, which may have been rewards for the land-clearing activities of the monks of Egmond.

Arnulf was the first count to come into conflict with the West-Frisians and in 993 he invaded their territory, but on 18 September of that year he was defeated and killed in a battle near Winkel in West-Friesland. His son Dirk was still a boy at this time, but Arnulf's widow Luitgard managed to retain the county for her son with support from first Emperor Otto III and later her brother-in-law, Emperor Henry II.

On 20 September 993 Liutgard donated her properties at Rugge to Saint Peter's abbey of Ghent for the soul of her husband. In June 1005 she made peace with the West-Frisians through mediation by Emperor Henry.


#g1: Offspring of Dirk II van Holland (930-988) and Hildegard of Flanders (935-990)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Aarnout van Holland (951-993) 951, Ghent, East Flanders, Flanders, Belgium 18 September 993, Winkel, North Holland, Netherlands Lutgardis von Luxemburg (955-1003)
Egbert von Trier (952-994) 952, 994,
Erlindis van Holland (953-1012) 953, 1012,
Hildegarde van Holland (c961-?) 961, , Theodorik van Gent (c956-)


Offspring of Aarnout van Holland and Lutgardis von Luxemburg (955-1003)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Dirk III van Holland (c983-1039) 983 Ghent, Belgium 27 May 1039 Egmond, North Holland, Netherlands Othilde von Sachsen (c989-1044)
Adelina van Holland (990-1045) 990 1045 Baudouin de Boulogne (?-1033) Baudouin de Boulogne (?-1033) Enguerrand de Ponthieu (c995-1046)
Siegfied van Holland (985-1030) 985 1030 Thetburga van Staveren (-1042)
Adalbert I van Gent (c970-c1031) 970 1031

Preceded by
Dirk II
Count of West Frisia
Succeeded by
Dirk III

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