Abigail Batcheler Damin Eaton was born 1600 in England and died after 1658 Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. She married Henrie Damin (1590-1625) 6 March 1619 in Faversham, Kent, England. She married John Eaton (1611-1658) 5 April 1630 in Dover, Kent, England.


John Eaton married Abigail (____) Damon at St. James, Dover, Kent, 5 Apr 1630. They had six children: Mary Mason, John, Thomas, John again, Abigail Mason, & Jacob.

Through his marriage to the widow Abigail Damon, John Eaton became stepfather to her two children, JANE DAMON {1635, Watertown} & John Damon, who appeared in Reading in the mid-1640s. Abigail traveled to New England with her mother & stepfather, but John was not on the passenger list with them, & he may well have come later.

Some secondary sources claim that John Eaton's wife Abigail was sister of JOHN BACHELOR {1634, Watertown}. No evidence has been found to support this claim, but a record does exist which may explain why some researchers have been led to this conclusion. On 30 Jul 1641, "brethern John Batchellour & John Eaton with their wives" were admitted to Dedham church. This record describes Bachelor & Eaton as brethern in the church, but may have been taken innacurately by some researchers to indicate that they were brothers-in-law, assuming that Eaton had married Bachelor's sister. The maiden surname of John Eaton's wife remains unknown.

Marriage and Family

1st Marriage : Henri Damin

Two children from Abigails first marriage must also have traveled to America in 1635:

  1. John Daman (1621-1708)
  2. Jane Damon (1624-1680)

2nd Marriage : John Eaton

  1. Thomas Eaton (1629-) - born/died in Dover, England
  2. Mary Eaton (1631-1676) - Sailed to America
  3. John Eaton (1632-1634) - born/died in Dover, England
  4. Thomas Eaton (1633-1649) - Sailed to America
  5. Abigail Eaton (1639-1711) - Born in Watertown MA
  6. John Eaton (1640-1695) - Born in Watertown MA
  7. Jacob Eaton (1642-1646) - Born in Dedham MA


Offspring of John Eaton (1611-1658) and Abigail Batcheler Damin Eaton
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Eaton (1629-)
Mary Eaton (1631-1676)
John Eaton (1632-1634)
Thomas Eaton (1633-1649)
Abigail Eaton (1639-1711)
John Eaton (1640-1695)
Jacob Eaton (1642-1646)




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