Abijah, Abijam or Abia was, according to the Hebrew Bible, the 4th King of the House of David and the second of the Kingdom of Judah. He was the son of Rehoboam and the grandson of Solomon. The Chronicler refers to him as Abijah.


Abijam is reported in the books of Kings and Chronicles as being related to Maacah, Micaiah, and King Asa of Judah. Scholars have found the biblical accounts of Abijam's family to be contradictory.[6] While a number of theories have been suggested, no explanation can accommodate all available sources or has proved definitively compelling. Abijah married fourteen wives, and had 22 sons and 16 daughters.

Reign of Abijah

Following the death of Rehoboam, his son Abijah succeeded the throne as King of Judah.[13] He began his three-year reign (2 Chr. 12:16; 13:1, 2) with a strenuous but unsuccessful effort to bring back the ten tribes of the northern Kingdom of Israel to their allegiance.

Following Abijah's ascension to the throne in the 18th year of King Jeroboam I of Israel, he marched north with the purpose of winning Israel back to the Davidic kingdom.[13] Jeroboam surrounded Abijah's army, engaging in the battle of Mount Zemaraim.[13] Abijah captured the Israelite cities of Jeshanah, Ephron (et-Taiyibeh) and Bethel.[13]

Marriage and Family


Offspring of Abijah or Abia and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Asa of Judah (-870 BC) 9999 Land of Canaan 870 Land of Canaan Azubah


Offspring of Rehoboam (974 BC-915 BC) and Mahalath bat Jerimoth
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jeush ben Rehoboam
Shemariah ben Rehoboam
Zaham ben Rehoboam
Offspring of Rehoboam (974 BC-915 BC) and Maacah bat Absalom
Name Birth Death Joined with
Abijah of Judah 9999 Land of Canaan 9999 Land of Canaan
Attai ben Rehoboam
Ziza ben Rehoboam
Shelomith ben Rehoboam

Regnal titles
Preceded by
5th King of Judah
910 – 869 BC
Succeeded by


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