Countess Adelise de Belleme was born circa 1025 in France and died circa 1080 France of unspecified causes.

ADELISE de Bellême . Her parentage is suggested by Orderic Vitalis who records that the great-grandfather of Rotrou [III] Comte du Perche was Guerin "quem dæmones suffocaverunt"[38]. It is also suggested by the reference in the same source to her son Geoffroy having a justified claim to Domfront, a castle which had been constructed by Adelise’s paternal grandfather. The source which confirms her name has not been identified. m ROTROU [I] Vicomte de Châteaudun, son of GEOFFROY Vicomte de Châteaudun & his wife Helvis [Elisabeth] de Corbon (-1 Mar [1080]). Comte de Mortagne 1058.


Offspring of Rotrou Chateaudun II, Count of Perche and Adelise de Bellême (c1025-1080)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Geoffrey Chateaudun II, Count of Perche (c1045-1100) 1045 Perche, Normandy, France 1100 Beatrix de Ramerupt (c1045-1110)
Hugh de Chateaudun III (c1056-1110)
Rotrou de Chateaudun (c1060-1144)
Mathilde du Perche (c1058-1143)
Fulco de Chateaudun (c1058-1078)
Helvise du Chateaudn (c1060-1120)
Robert de Chateadun (c1060-1120)



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