Adhémar III de Limoges, Viscount of Limoges, was born circa 1050 to Adhémar II de Limoges (1023-1090) and Humberge of Angoulême (1025-1072) and died 1133 of unspecified causes. He married Graille of Angoulême (1060-c1107) 1080 JL . Charlemagne (747-814), Charlemagne (747-814)/s.


Offspring of Adhémar III le Barbu de Limoges and Graille of Angoulême (1060-c1107)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Humberge de Limoges (1080-c1127) 1095 1142 Archambaud IV de Comborn (1070-1137)
Emma de Limoges (1095-c1142) 1095 1142 William X of Aquitaine (1099-1137)
Guillaume V of Angoulême (1115-1178)

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