Afanasi Danilovich of Novgorod (Афанасий Данилович), Prince of Novgorod, was born 1292 to Daniil Aleksandrovich of Moscow (1261-1303) and Mariya Glebovna of Beloozero (c1264-c1300) and died 1322 of unspecified causes. He married Anna (bef1322-) .

Afanasi Danilovich (c1292-1322) - prince of Novgorod {1314-1315) and (1319-1322) . Son of Prince Daniil Aleksandrovich of Npvgorod.

In 1315, Yuri Danilovich, called by Uzbek Khan to the Golden Horde, left his brother Afanasi in Novgorod . At the same time, the news came that Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver, with all the lower land and the Tatars, was going to Novgorod. Afanasi went to meet and entered the battle. The battle was fierce: Novgorod lost many men and suffered a complete defeat. Afanasi with the remnaining of his warriors retrestd to Torzhok. Mikhail began to demand his extradition. The Novgorodians negotiated a oeace agreement oaying a fee of 5,000 hryvnia of silver. But Mikhail, violating the peace agreement, arrested Afanasi and the Novgorod boyars sent them hostage to Tver .

In 1318, after Mikhail's in the Horde, Yuri Danilovich again installed Afanasi in Novgorod. In 1321, Dmitri Mikhailovich of Tver recognized the legitimacy of the power of Yuri Danilovich and gave him the Horde tribute from all over the Tver principality. But Yuri Danilovich, instead of taking the Tver tribute to the Horde, took it to Afanasi in Novgorod and put it into circulation through intermediary merchants, wishing to receive interest. The following year, Afanasi became a monk , and then died. He was buried in Novgorod near the Church of the Holy Savior in Ryurikovo Gorodische Settlement .

Wife - Princess Anna.



Offspring of Daniil Aleksandrovich of Moscow (1261-1303) and Mariya Glebovna of Beloozero (c1264-c1300)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Yuri Danilovich of Moscow (1281-1325) 1281 1325 NN Konstantinovna of Rostov (c1282-1299)
Konchaka of the Golden Horde (c1295-1318)
Mikhail Danilovich (c1282-c1300) 1282 1300
Aleksandr Danilovich (c1283-1308) 1283 1308
Simeon Danilovich (c1285-c1325) 1285 1325
Vasili Danilovich (c1287-c1310) 1287 1310
Ivan I Danilovich of Moscow (1288-1340) 1288 Moscow, Russia 31 March 1340 Moscow, Russia Yelena Aleksandrovna of Smolensk (c1295-1331)
Boris Danilovich of Kostroma (c1290-1320) 1289 30 May 1320
Afanasi Danilovich of Novgorod (c1292-1322) 1292 1322 Anna (bef1322-)
Daniil Danilovich (c1294-c1310) 1294 1310
Anna Danilovna (c1298-c1350) 1298 1350


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