Agafiya Vladimirovna of Kiev was born 1097 to Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125) and Yefimiya and died 1144 of unspecified causes.

Agafiya Vladimirovna (c1107-1144) was the youngest of Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev's the three daughters from his second marriage with a certain Yefimiya.

The marriage of Monomakh and Yefimiya took place around 1099, she died in 1107. Since Agafiya is considered their youngest daughter, and her brothers were born before 1103, she was the youngest child of this marriage and was born between 1103 and 1107, closer to the last date, because her two older sisters were also born.


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Offspring of Agafiya Vladimirovna of Kiev and Vsevolodko Davydovich of Goroden (c1080-1142)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Boris Vsevolodovich of Goroden (c1121-1166) 1121 1166
Gleb Vsevolodovich of Goroden (c1123-1170) 1123 1170
Mstislav Vsevolodovich of Goroden (c1124-1183) 1124 1183
NN Vsevolodovna of Goroden (c1126-c1180)
Anna Vsevolodovna of Goroden (c1127-1190) 1127 1190 Yuri Yaroslavich of Turov (c1109-1167)



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