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Cathedral of Aglona

Aglona is located in Latvia
Coordinates: 56°08′00″N 27°01′00″E / 56.1333333, 27.0166667Coordinates: 56°08′00″N 27°01′00″E / 56.1333333, 27.0166667
Country Latvia

Aglona is a village in Aglona municipality, Latvia. It is located 40 kilometers northeast of the city of Daugavpils. Aglona is famous in Latvia and beyond for its basilica — the most important Catholic church in the country — which was once visited by Pope John Paul II, and which attracts thousands of pilgrims every year on the day of the Assumption of Mary (15 August).

Located on the narrow strip of land between the lakes Cirišs and Egles, the present-day village is the result of merger of three settlements: Aglona, Somerseta and Jaunciems. The scenic beauty of the surrounding area attracts many visitors every summer. The nearby Sacrifice Island (Latvian: Upursala), Devil's Lake (Latvian: Velnezers), and the Madelanu Castle Mound are among the most beautiful places in Latvia. The surrounding pine forests have suffered from excessive logging in recent years, significantly damaging their once pristine quality. Traditionally, many families from Russia spend their summers in countryside near Aglona.

In 1980 the Church celebrated its 200th anniversary and was officially given the status of a Basilica by Pope John Paul II. In 1986 it was the site of celebration of the 800th anniversary of Christianity in Latvia. A major renovation of the Basilica and expansion of the church grounds was begun in 1992 in preparation for the pope's visit. In September 1993 Pope John Paul II visited the Shrine and over 300,000 pilgrims assembled at this time.

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