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Aerial view of Albertirsa

Coat of arms
Location of Pest County in Hungary

Albertirsa is located in Hungary
Location of Albertirsa in Hungary

Albertirsa is located in Pest County
Location of Albertirsa in Pest County
Coordinates: 47°14′60″N 19°36′30″E / 47.25, 19.60833 lats>=60 (dms format) in {{Coord}}
Country  Hungary
Region Central Hungary Region
County Pest County
Subregion Cegléd
 • Mayor László Fazekas
 • Total 72.96 km2 (28.17 sq mi)
Elevation 126 m (413 ft)
Population (1 Jan. 2014)
 • Total 12,209
 • Density 170.18/km2 (440.8/sq mi)
Postal code 2730
Area code 23

Albertirsa (formerly Alberti-Irsa, Slovak: Irša) is a town in Pest County, Central Hungary Region, Hungary and the middle of the Great Hungarian Plain. Although it has got its town status in 2003, Albertirsa still has its village-scent that is so common for most of the settlements in the region.


Initially Albertirsa was two separate inhabitations: Alberti and Irsa, having joined in 1950.

  • 1277: King Ladislaus IV mentions the name of Alberti (as Alberth) tenure in one of his charters
  • 1368: The chapter of Buda mentions Irsa (from Slavic *jelsa) as an inhabitation
  • 1597: Both villages got emptied after the 1241 Mongol invasion and the Ottoman conquest in the 16th century
  • September 29, 1711: Local landlord András Váracskay brings settlers to populate the grassland of Alberti-Irsa. 24 chariots of Slovak settlers arrive to Alberti
  • 1714: Royal endowment letter grants the ownership of Alberti to Márton Szeleczky
  • 1719: András Irsay has one third of Irsa of Pest shire
  • 1731: Beginning of mandatory lecturing for commons in local landlord funded school
  • 1784: Descendants of Márton Szeleczky attain the rights for Alberti to hold markets. This right also grants the market town title.
  • September 1, 1847: First train arrives
  • 1848: Hundreds joining to the 1848 Revolution after the recruitment speech of Kossuth at Cegléd
  • 1924: Civil School of Irsa founded
  • September 6, 1950: The two villages Alberti and Irsa are joined under the name of Albertirsa by an ordinance of the Ministry for Home Affairs
  • 1979: Inauguration of Hungary's first 750 kV substation south of Albertirsa
  • 1995: Gerje-Party Association founded
  • 1996: Inauguration of the new flag and symbol during the millennium festival
  • July 1, 2003: town status granted to Albertirsa, which has 11547 inhabitants this time

Notable people[]

  • Moritz Goldstein, a chazzan of this town
    • Rosa (Róza) Csillag, Hungarian: Csillag Róza, exactly: Goldstein Róza; born October 23, 1832, Irsa, Hungary - February 20, 1892, Vienna, Austria), a 19th-century Hungarian female Jewish singer
  • Ádám Politzer (1835–1920), a Jewish Hungarian otologist
  • Andrea Hunter (Formerly Hering) (1975–Present), Vice President, Principle Accounting Officer- Encore Acquisition Company

Points of interest[]

Near Albertirsa, there is the only 750 kV-substation in Hungary. At it, the 750 kV-powerline from Zakhidnoukrainskaya in Ukraine ends. However this line is since 1995 out of service.

  • Szeleczky-Szapáry Castle (Hungarian: Szeleczky-Szapáry kastély) named after Szeleczky and Szapáry family
  • Synagogue of Irsa

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