Albrecht I. von Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing, Count of Hainaut, Count of Holland, Count of Zeeland, was born 25 July 1336 in Munich, Germany to Ludwig IV. von Wittelsbach (1282-1347) and Margaret II of Hainaut (1311-1356) and died 13 December 1404 The Hague, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Malgorzata von Brieg (c1342-1386) 19 July 1353 JL in Passau. He married Margarte von der Mark (c1375-1412) 1394 JL . William I of England (1027-1087), Henry II of England (1133-1189), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Rollo of Normandy (860-932), Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Henry II of England (1133-1189)/s, Hugh Capet (c940-996)/s, William I of England (1027-1087)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.


Offspring of Albrecht von Wittelsbach and Malgorzata von Brieg (c1342-1386)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Katharina von Wittelsbach (c1361-1400) 30 May 1361 The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands 11 November 1400 Hattem, Gelderland, Netherlands Wilhelm III. von Jülich (1364-1402)
Johanna von Bayern-Straubing (c1362-1386) 1362 31 December 1386 Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia (1361-1419)
Margaret of Bavaria-Straubing (1363-1423) 1363 The Hague, Netherlands 23 January 1423 Dijon, France John, Duke of Burgundy (1371-1419)
Wilhelm von Wittelsbach (1365-1417) 5 April 1365 The Hague, Netherlands 31 May 1417 Bouchain, France Margaret of Burgundy (1374-1441)
Albrecht II. von Wittelsbach (1369-1397)
Joanna Sophia von Wittelsbach (c1373-1410) 1373 France 15 June 1410 Vienna, Austria Albrecht IV. von Habsburg (1377-1404)
Johann von Wittelsbach (c1375-1425)


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