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Aleksandr Ivanovich of Tver, Prince of Tver, was born circa 1379 in Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia to Ivan Mikhailovich of Tver (1357-1425) and Maria of Lithuania and died 25 October 1425 Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia of plague.

Aleksandr Ivanovich (ca. 1379 - October 26 1425 ) was Grand Prince of Tver, from May 22 to October 26, 1425.


The exact date of his birth is unknown. He is first mentioned in accounts for 1390, when Aleksandr was among the notables welcoming Metropolitan Kiprian of Kiev as guest in Tver.

In 1399, together with his father received from his grandfather, Mikhail Aleksandrovich the city of Tver and other settlements, but Prince Ivan Mikhailovich ruled the principality alone.

In 1402 he becomes a Prince of Kholm (after Prince Ivan Vsevolodovich). Later, he began to take a prominent part in the prevailing political events. In 1403 at the request of his father, he took command of the Tver army to subdue the city of Kashin. On behalf of his father he met with Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania in 1404 and 1411.

After the death of Grand Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Aleksandr Ivanovich became Grand Prince of Tver, but, after having reigned for only 5 months, on October 25, 1425 he died of the plague, which raged at that time in Russia.


In 1397 he married Anna Fyodorovna of Mologa, daughter of Fyodor Mikhailovich Prince of Mologa. They had three children

  • Yaroslav Prince of Gorodets.
  • Yuri - Grand Prince of Tver.
  • Boris - Grand Prince of Tver.


Offspring of Aleksandr Ivanovich of Tver and Anna Fyodorovna of Mologa (c1380-c1440)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Yaroslav Aleksandrovich of Gorodets (c1395-1435)
Yuri Aleksandrovich of Tver (c1400-1425)
Boris Aleksandrovich of Tver (aft1398-1461)


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