Almira Jane Reid was born 22 May 1840 in Woodsville, Adams County, Illinois, United States to John Hendeson Reid (1815-1862) and Sophronia Prentiss (1817-1846) and died 23 July 1912 Lago, Bannock County, Idaho, United States of unspecified causes. She married Enos McMurray Huddleston (c1832-) 10 March 1854 in Scotland County, Missouri, United States. She married William Wood Hall (1832-1891) 3 October 1858 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, United States.

Vital Statistics

  • Daughter of John Henderson Reid (1815-1862) and Sophronia Prentiss (1817-1846)
  • 1840: 22 May - Birth at Woodsville, Adams Co, Illinois
  • 1854: 10 March - 1st Marriage to Enos McMurray Huddleston in Scotland County, Missouri
  • 1858: 3 October - 2nd Marriage to William Wood Hall (1832-1891), an English immigrant, at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
  • 1861: 1 June - Left Florence, Nebraska with the David H. Cannon company to travel across the plains to Utah, settled in Southern Idaho.
  • 1912: 23 July - Died at Lago, Bannock, Idaho


Early Years

Jane was the elder daughter of twice-widowed John H. Reid, whose first wife Sophronia Prentiss had died at age 29, due to mob pressures near the time of the exodus from Nauvoo, Illinois, leaving him with two little girls to raise. John had then married Sophronia’s younger sister, Almira, who had left her parents’ family to come live with John and take care of the babies. But she, too, died after about a year. The girls then were tossed from pillar to post, as John H. had to be gone a lot with his business and on a mission to Kentucky for the Church. He would pay well to have them with people, who proved untrustworthy. When he learned of abuses, he took the girls back with him, though they had to stay alone a lot. By this time, Jane, the older of the two was “past 12 years old.”

When Jane was about 14 years old, she had gotten tangled up with a couple of shady young men, and was subsequently kidnapped by them, transported by carriage and stagecoach across several state lines, and coerced into marrying one of them, Enos McMurray Huddleston, a fellow born in England, about three years her senior. But the young man was so abusive that, pregnant, she escaped and made her way back to her grieving father. Jane began working and living on her own for about a year, making a living for her and her baby boy. Then her father had begged her to come home, saying he needed her help in his work.

Life in Iowa

Tombstone of Almira Jane Reid Hall - Lago Cemetery Idaho

Her son Josey was born in Newton, Iowa, county seat of Jasper Co. (Nowhere near Hillsboro Co.) The town would later become famous as the headquarters of the Maytag Corporation. His mother was only 15 when he was born and she would soon thereafter leave his abusive father. She would later remarry to William Wood Hall who would raise Josey as his own son.

At age five, Josey went west to Utah with William and Almira Hall in the David H Cannon Company of 1861. Departure: 1 June 1861 / Arrival: 11-16 August 1861 / 225 individuals and 57 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Florence, Nebraska (now Omaha). His mother's journal are part of the historical record for this event.

1861 Wagon Train


The Hall Family were participants in the David Cannon 1861 Pioneer Company, a 79 day wagon train traveling from Florence (now Omaha, Nebraska) to Salt Lake City in the early summer. It was the first of 12 such wagon trains of the year. It was a large train of 68 wagons and nearly 300 passengers led by a young 23-year old missionary returning home from England, Elder David H Cannon. Several diary/biographical accounts exist.

At age 21, Almira Jane emigrated to Utah/Idaho with her son, Josey Hudleston, a child from her first marriage. Her sister, her non-member husband William Wood Hall (a recent English Emigrant), and a Welsh girl (Mary Davis) were also with Almira. They were part of the 1861 David H Cannon Pioneer Wagon Company. Her diary is a source reference material for that trek.

Life in the Rockies

In 1880 Almira Jane moved the family to Curlew Valley in Snowville Utah, to keep her son Josey from getting married to a woman she considered undesirable (due to her own experience with a bad marriage / per the journal of her daughter Sophronia.)

Marriage and Family

1st Marriage: Enos Huddleston

2nd Marriage: Wm. Hall


Offspring of Almira Jane Reid and Enos McMurray Huddleston (c1832-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Josephus Sidney Alford Huddleston (1855-1934) 14 November 1855 Newton, Jasper County, Iowa 25 February 1934 Price, Carbon County, Utah

Offspring of Almira Jane Reid and William Wood Hall (1832-1891)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sophronia Almira Hall (1865-1921) 20 March 1865 Peterson, Morgan County, Utah, United States 14 December 1921 Logan, Cache County, Utah, United States John Charles Phillips (1847-1924) John Charles Phillips (1847-1924) Hyrum Edwards (1857-1907)
Cumorah Angus Hall (1867-1918) 14 June 1867 Weber City, Morgan County, Utah, United States 24 December 1918 Lewiston, Fergus County, Montana, United States Sylvia Jane Rackard (1874-1891) Sylvia Jane Rackard (1874-1891) Elna Helene Christine Christensen (1877-1955)
William Tracy Hall (1869-1901) 29 December 1869 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, United States 29 March 1901 Swan Lake, Bannock County, Idaho, United States Susan Nina Edwards (1884-1923)
Ether Mahonri Hall (1872-1893) 13 January 1871 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, United States 30 April 1893 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States
Alphonso Prentiss Hall (1874-1913) 4 September 1874 Uintah, Weber County, Utah, United States 6 August 1913 Lewistown, Fergus County, Montana, United States Ellen Ruth Gilskey (1874-)
Septema Ann Hall (1877-1877) 14 September 1877 Uintah, Weber County, Utah, United States 14 September 1877 Uintah, Weber County, Utah, United States
John Wood Hall (1880-1907) 14 August 1880 Snowville, Box Elder County, Utah, United States 16 August 1907 Taber, Alberta, United States Susan Nina Edwards (1884-1923)



Research Notes

The following family links are incomplete:

  1. (MIA) Alphonso Tracy Hall (1900-) - child disappears after 1906 census. Grandson.
  2. (MIA) Sylvia Jane Rackard (1874-1891) - First wife of Cumorah. Cannot find record of parents. The dates for her birth at Camp Floyd (1874) don't match up to local history.
  3. GGGGF (MIA): William Hall (1790-1841) - (Father-In-Law) Farmer at Hopes Rough, Herefordshire. Research Challenge
  4. (WOH) Build FPC for family of Henry Hall - Waiting for access to 1841 English Census
  5. (WOH) Build FPC for family of James Hall (brother-in-law) - waiting for access to 1841 English Census
  6. (WOH) Build FPC for family of Hannah Hall (sister-in-law) - waiting for access to 1841 English Census


Vital Records

1861 Cannon Wagon Train

  • Almira Jane Reid Journal Extract - 1861 Cannon Wagon Train.
  • [David Cannon 1861 Pioneer Company] - 1861 Company Research
  • From the Journal of Bartlett Tripp - Entry for Friday - June 7th. Census of 61 wagons shows Eldridges and Halls sharing one wagon, during their overland journey from Nebraska to Utah.

(Friday - June 7th) "Came out about 7½ - 2½ mi to Ferry at Columbus swam the loose stock—Teams commenced crossing at 9 and were all across at 5. P.M.—Ferry extends about half way across the river. boat coming to the shore on the east side leaving a long distance on the west side to be forded—Quick sand forms it [at] bottom which renders the fording very difficult for loaded wagons—most passed with little difficulty. some teams afraid of the water—In camp near the west bank of the Fork with plenty of water and wood—a very fine Spring about ¾ of a mile from camp[.] our team came in today which raises our number to 61 wagons—They are as follows[:]"

A) Thomas Eldridge & wife. 3 chil. Wm. Hall. wife & 1 child[,] Sophronia Barlow. Mary Davis. 2 oxen. 4 cows. 1 wag.

1870 US Census

Taken in the community of East Weber, Weber Co, Utah - 03-July-1870.

  • William Hall (M-38) Ocp: Farmer / born in England
  • A Jane Hall (F-30) - born in Illinois
  • Joseph S A Hall (M-14) - born in Iowa
  • Sophronia Hall (F-5) - born in Utah
  • C M A Hall (M-3) (Cumorah Angus) - born in Utah
  • William Hall (M-5mo) - born in Utah
  • Amelia Savage (F-18) - daughter of English family living next door, probably helping with the children
  • John Stifle (M-28) - ocp: Railroad Hand

1880 US Census

Taken at Carlew Valley, Oneida Co, Idaho.

  • William Hall (M-48 / Father)
  • Almira Hall (F-40 / Mother)
  • Sophronia Hall (F-15)
  • Lumorah Hall (M-13)
  • William F. Hall (M-10)
  • Ether Hall (M-8)
  • Alphonzo Hall (M-5)
  • A. R. Prentiss (M-55) - Almira's Uncle - Alonzo Robert Prentiss (1825-1893)

1900 US Census

Taken at Carlew Precinct, Oneida County, Idaho - 26-Jun-1900

  • Almira Hall (F-60) Head of Household / b May-1840
  • John W Hall (M-18) son / b Aug-1881 / Ocp: Farmer


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