Almon Linus Fullmer, Sr. was born 7 September 1816 in Huntington Mills, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania to Peter Fullmer (1774-1857) and Susannah Zerfass (1773-1856) and died 2 October 1890 Providence, Cache County, Utah of unspecified causes. He married Triphena Follett (1821-1847) 1841 in Huntington, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Ann Follett (1823-1907) 17 December 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois. He married Rachel Neyman (1832-1912) 10 January 1852 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.


  • 13 years old when he moved to Ohio with his parents
  • His 2 older brothers went into business so he was left with the farming
  • He read the Book of Mormon to his parents “in haste because it was borrowed” but paid little attention to the missionaries who came to teach his family. He was not baptized into the LDS church with his parents and siblings David and Desdemona.
  • When he went east to PA to sell of the family lands, however, he spoke so in favor of the Mormons to people there that he ended up “converting myself” and joined the church upon his return to Nauvoo.
  • Almon was sent on a mission to the east in 1841 and baptized his sister Mary along the way.
  • Married Sarah Ann Follett on 17 Dec 1843, they were sealed in the Nauvoo temple 27 Jan 1846 (Sarah was the 5th of 6 children, her father died before they joined the church and her mother died while crossing the plains).
  • He was among the personal guard of the prophet Joseph Smith, was a major in the Nauvoo militia, and was present in Carthadge with his brother John the day the Prophet was martyred.
  • Almon was one of 40 riflemen among the 150 left to protect the city of Nauvoo. They were able to hold the city from defeat against an army of 1000 at the Battle of Nauvoo.
  • He and his brother John helped sign a treaty for the dispersion the saints from Nauvoo under the direction of Brigham Young and helped the last of the saints to leave the city and help sell off any goods or lands that they could.
  • He and his wife left Nauvoo in April 1847 after giving birth to twin daughters who soon died and were left behind. They had another daughter (Sarah Ann) in a wagon along the trail to SLC and entered the valley with a wagon train that Brigham Young came back to Council Bluffs to lead.
  • Elected first Deputy Marshall of the State of Deseret.
  • Helped establish Iron County (Parawon) and fought in many Indian wars throughout those first years, he was also elected first surveyor of roads in Southern Utah in 1851, and was among the first mail riders up to SLC.
  • 1856 Called to a second mission to settle in Las Vegas because he was such a good farmer, but the mission was closed a year later and he returned home.
  • Married a plural wife (Rachel Neyman, 10 Jan 1852) but she left him while pregnant with their 3rd son—she moved to her family home in Cottonwood where she remarried
  • Almon retired from militia type duties and moved to Cache Valley to farm in peace in 1870.


Offspring of Almon Linus Fullmer, Sr. and Sarah Ann Follett (1823-1907)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Almon Linus Fullmer (1844-1919) 26 October 1844 Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois 10 January 1919 Wellsville, Cache County, Utah Jane Eleanor Griffiths (1848-1929)
Mary Fullmer (1847-1847)
Trphiena Fullmer (1847-1847)
Sarah Ann Fullmer (1848-1928)
Buckley Martin Fullmer (1850-1938)
Oscar Myron Fullmer (1852-1934)
Collin DeWitt Fullmer (1856-1932)
Halsey Dean Fullmer (1865-1953)

Offspring of Almon Linus Fullmer, Sr. and Rachel Neyman (1832-1912)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thaddeus Edgar Fullmer (1853-1943)
Franklin Pierce Fullmer (1855-1946)
John Hyrum Fullmer (1857-1907) 30 August 1857 Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Utah 1 May 1907 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah Ellen Lundblad (1860-1939)


Offspring of Peter Fullmer (1774-1857) and Susannah Zerfass (1773-1856)
Name Birth Death Joined with
David Fullmer (1803-1879) 7 August 1803 West Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, United States 21 October 1879 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States Rhoda Ann Marvin (1813-1892)
Sarah Sophronia Oysterbanks (1822-1906)
Margaret Phillips (1800-1890)
Mary M Fullmer (1805-1874)
John Solomon Fullmer (1807-1883) 21 July 1807 Huntington Mills, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania 8 October 1883 Springville, Utah County, Utah Mary Ann Price (1815-1897)
Olive Amanda Smith (1825-1885)
Sarah Ann Stevenson (1835-1901)
Desdemona Wadsworth Fullmer (1809-1886) 6 October 1809 Huntingdon, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania 9 February 1886 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah Harrison Parker McLane (1815-1835)
Joseph Smith (1805-1844)
Ezra Taft Benson (1811-1869)
Charlotte Fullmer (1812-1871)
Louisanna Fullmer (1814-1870)
Almon Linus Fullmer (1816-1890) 7 September 1816 Huntington Mills, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania 2 October 1890 Providence, Cache County, Utah Triphena Follett (1821-1847)
Sarah Ann Follett (1823-1907)
Rachel Neyman (1832-1912)


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