Funerary plate of Andreas von Forray in the roman-catholic church of Săvârşin

Andreas von Forray (Hungarian: András de Forray) was born on the family estate of Săvârşin (Hungarian: Soborsin) on November 17, 1780, son of baron Andreas von Forray (1718-1788).

After having received his education on the Săvărşin estate, Andreas von Forray studied at the Law school of the University of Pressburg (now Bratislava). After graduation he worked at the chancellery of the royal court in Budapest. He also completed government missions in Italy, France and England

On March 19, 1805 he married Julie Brunswik von Korompa (1786-1866) and was appointed member of the National Assembly. In 1807 Andreas von Forray was appointed chamberlain of the Austrian court. In 1824 he received the commission of deputy chief of Caraş County and in 1825 the emperor appointed him head of the Csanad County.

Andreas von Forray died in Futog (now Futak, Serbia) on August 18, 1830 and was enterred in Săvârşin.


Offspring of Andreas Baron von Forray and Julie Brunswik von Korompa (1786-1866)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Zefiz von Forray (1810-1830) 1810 Săvârşin, Arad County, Austrian Empire 1830 Săvârşin, Arad County, Austrian Empire
Iván von Forray (1817-1852) 17 April 1817 Săvârşin, Arad County, Austrian Empire 27 June 1852 Vienna, Austrian Empire
Julia von Forray (1818-1863) 1818 Săvârşin, Arad County, Austrian Empire 22 August 1863 Austrian Empire Lipot Nadasdy von Nadasd und Fogorasfold (1802-1835)


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