Andrei Aleksandrovich of Gorodets
Андреи Александрович Городецкий
, Prince of Gorodets (Nizhny Novgorod), Prince of Kostroma, Prince of Novgorod, Grand Prince of Vladimir, was born 1255 to Aleksandr Nevsky (1220-1263) and Aleksandra Bryachislavna of Polotsk (c1221-c1265) and died 27 July 1304 of unspecified causes. He married Vasilisa Dmitriyevna of Rostov (c1281-c1350) 1294 JL .

Andrei III Aleksandrovich (ca. 1255 – 27 July 1304) was a Russian prince, son of Aleksandr Nevsky, who received from his father the town of Gorodets on the Volga River. In 1276, he added Kostroma to his possessions and joined the struggle for Grand Principality of Vladimir-Suzdal.

In 1281 Andrei, joining the Mongol army, expelled his elder brother Dmitri from Vladimir. After some feasting with Mongols in Vladimir , Andrei went to Novgorod, where he was heartily welcomed by population. Meanwhile, his brother allied himself with the powerful Nogai Khan, who reinstated Dmitri as Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1283.

During the following decade, Andrei brought the Mongols three times to Russia in order to wrestle the Grand Principality of Vladimir-Suzdal from his brother. In the campaign of 1293 they pillaged 14 Russian towns, finally forcing Dmitri to abdicate. Even when elevated to the princely throne of |Vladimir-Suzdal, Andrei continued to live in Gorodets. During the last decade of his reign he struggled with a league formed by Daniil of Moscow, Mikhail of Tver, and Ivan of Moscow.


Offspring of Andrei Aleksandrovich of Gorodets
Андреи Александрович Городецкий and Vasilisa Dmitriyevna of Rostov (c1281-c1350)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Boris Andreyevich of Kostroma (c1298-1303) 1298 1303
Mikhail Andreyevich (c1299-1311) 1299 1311
Yuri Andreyevich (c1300-c1312) 1300 1312


Offspring of Aleksandr Nevsky (1220-1263) and Aleksandra Bryachislavna of Polotsk (c1221-c1265)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vasili Aleksandrovich of Novgorod (c1240-1271) 1240 1271
Yevdokiya Aleksandrovna (c1245-c1290) 1245 1290 Konstantin Rostislavich Bezruky of Smolensk (c1240-c1295)
Dmitri Aleksandrovich of Pereyaslavl (c1250-1294) 1250 Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia 1294 Volokolamsk, Volokolamsk Rayon, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Andrei Aleksandrovich of Gorodets (c1255-1304) 1255 27 July 1304 Vasilisa Dmitriyevna of Rostov (c1281-c1350)
Daniil Aleksandrovich of Moscow (1261-1303) 1261 Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, Russia 4 March 1303 Mariya Glebovna of Beloozero (c1264-c1300)


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