Anna Polovetskaya was born circa 1050 and died 7 October 1111 Kiev, Ukraine of unspecified causes. She married Vsevolod I Yaroslavich of Kiev (1030-1093) .

Anna Polovetskaya (c1050 - 7 October 1111 ) - the Polovtsian princess, the second wife of the Grand Prince of Kiev Vsevolod Yaroslavich.


According to popular belief, she was the daughter of the Polovtsian Khan, which is not confirmed by the sources, although it is likely from the point of view of the political situation of the late 1060s. Her baptismal name is Anna. The date of her birth, the names of her parents and her Polovtsian name are unknown.

In 1068 she became the second wife (after the death of the first wife in 1067) of the Grand Prince of Kiev Vsevolod Yaroslavich. [1][2]

After Vsevolod's death in 1093, she remained to live in Kiev, where, apparently, she was respected by the locals. When in 1097 her stepson Vladimir Monomakh, with the Princes of Chernigov, together with the Princes of Chernigov , besieged Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich in Kiev, it was she and Metropolitan Nikolai who were asked to become mediators in negotiations between the warring parties. The chronicle gives the whole talk with which Anna addressed Vladimir Monomakh, with the Princes of Chernigov:

“We pray, prince and your two brothers, not to destroy the Russian lands. For if you raise yourselves with one another, the bad ones will rejoice and take your land,which your grandparents and your fathers have gathered with your great and great work, fighting for the Russian land. And they have extracted other lands, and you want to destroy the Russian land. And you want to destroy the land of Rus ".[3]

The chronicle notes that Vladimir Monomakh, with the Princes of Chernigov revered Anna as a mother, therefore he took her words with tears and promised to fulfill the request. As a result, the feud ended with peace.

At the end of his life, Anna went to Yanchin Monastery, whose mother superior was her stepdaughter Anna Vsevolodovna. She died on October 7, 1111, buried in this monastery. [4]


  • Rostislav Vsevolodich of Kiev (1070-1093), prince of Pereyaslavl
  • Eupraxia of Kiev (1071-1109) (ca. 1071 - July 9, 1109)
  • Yekaterina Vsevolodna of Kiev (c1073-1108), nun
  • Maria Vsevolodna of Kiev (c1075-1089)


Offspring of Vsevolod I Yaroslavich of Kiev (1030-1093) and Anna Polovetskaya
Name Birth Death Joined with
Rostislav Vsevolodich of Kiev (1070-1093)
Eupraxia of Kiev (1071-1109) 1071 20 July 1109 Heinrich IV of the Holy Roman Empire (1050-1106)
Yekaterina Vsevolodovna of Kiev (c1073-1108) 1073 1108
Mariya Vsevolodovna of Kiev (c1075-1089) 1075 1089
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