Acemo and Annie and Walter Marjoram

annie (center) and her parents

Annie is the daughter of George Walter Marjoram (1866-1949) and Seymour Louisa Laundess (1872-1943).


Full Name[]

Annie Marjoram

Name Variations[]

Annie Webster Annie White


Annie Marjoram (1896-1959) in her early twenties

Annie in her early twenties

She had a son Oswald Mcabe in 1915.

She had a daughter Lorna Dorothy in 1916. Her family made her give up her children. Lorna was given to Annie's employer - William John Weily.

Oswald always knew who his real mother was, but Lorna didn't find out until after 1970 when she discovered she had no birth certificate. Maybe this was because the Weily's wanted it this way, maybe there is more to it.

Annie married Archibald E Webster on 17 April 1918 in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. They were divorced on 13 April 1933. Her marriage certificate to Archibald states that Annie was a spinster who was born in Yetholm near Bathurst, NSW. At the time she was working in Orange, New South Wales, Australia.

Annie lived for several years in New Zealand.

Annie died of Breast Cancer and was Cremated C. of E. Rookwood, L/H Chapel. She was living at 15p Collane Street, Concord, New South Wales, Australia.







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