Ansegisel Arnulfing was born 606 to Arnulf of Metz (582-640) and Saint Doda (586-612) and died circa 662 of murdured. He married Saint Begga (615-693) 639 JL .

Ansegisel (also Ansgise, Ansegus, or Anchises) was the younger son of Saint Arnulf of Metz (582-640), bishop of Metz.[1] He served King Sigebert III of Austrasia (634–656) as a duke (Latin dux, a military leader) and domesticus. He was killed sometime before 679, slain in a feud by his enemy Gundewin. Through his son Pepin, Ansegisel's descendants would eventually become Frankish kings and rule over the Carolingian Empire.

Marriage and issue

He was married to Begga, the daughter of Pepin the Elder, sometime after 639. They had the following children:


Offspring of Ansegisel and Saint Begga (615-693)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Pepin of Herstal (635-714) 635 Herstal 16 December 714 Plectrude of Neustria (c640-718)
Alpaida (c640-714)
Martin of Laon (c640-)
Clotilda of Heristal (650-699) 650 699 Theoderik III (bef650-691)


Offspring of Arnulf of Metz (582-640) and Saint Doda (586-612)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ansegisel (c606-bef679) 606 662 Saint Begga (615-693)


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