Anthony Worden was born in approximately 1603. His origins and the names of his parents and siblings are currently unknown.


Anthony married Jane Ladner at St Just in Penwith on 1st May 1623. Her origins are currently unknown. Her name was mistranscribed as 'Goane' on the marriage record.

Anthony and Jane would settle in St Just in Penwith and had four known children there.

Protestation Oath[]

During the spring of 1641 there was great unrest in Parliament with discord between the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and plots and sub-plots against both the King and Parliament itself. In May 1641 Parliament agreed upon the following Protestation Oath.

On the 6th May 1641 a Bill was introduced in the House of Commons imposing the signing of the Protestation on all Englishmen of 18 years and above. All who refused to sign were deemed unfit to hold office in Church or Commonwealth.

At the end of February or the beginning of March 1641 incumbents read out the Protestation in the parish churches. The parishioners then signed or made their mark before him and the other officials present, who testified that the oath had been taken, or refused. Anthony Worden of St Just in Penwith signed or marked the return in March of 1641/42, and this is recorded in the database of Protestation Returns.

Death of Wife[]

Wife Jane was buried at St. Just in Penwith on 27th April 1679 aged approximately 76 years of age. The burial record listed her as the wife of Anthony.

Anthony would outlive her by 4 years.


Anthony was buried in St Just in Penwith on the 24th January 1684, aged approximately 81 years.


Name Birth Death
Children of Anthony and Jane Worden

Phillipa baptised 26/10/1628
baptised St Just in Penwith, Cornwall
buried 12/04/1707
buried St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Anthony baptised 18/05/1630
baptised St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Elizabeth baptised 04/11/1632
baptised St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Catherine baptised 09/02/1634
baptised St Just in Penwith, Cornwall