Antonio Urrea Hernández (February 16, 1888November 15, 1999) from Murcia, Spain, became the oldest man in Spain on the death of Manuel Melchor in July 1996, the oldest recognized man in Europe on the death of Italian Antonio Baldo in August 1998 and the oldest recognized man in the world on the death of Japanese man Denzo Ishisaki in April 1999.

Although born in Mazarron, Murcia, he spent most of his life in Barcelona. The supercentenarian first went to Barcelona in 1910 to attend military service and he decided to stay there after meeting Isabel Tossas.

Antonio Urrea and Isabel Tossas married in 1914 and their marriage lasted more than 80 years before she died in 1995 at age 101. They are the Spanish recordholders of longest marriage (almost 81 years) and greatest aggregate age (over 208 years).

His case for longevity was validated on December 7, 2005.


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