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April 14 in recent years
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April 14 is the 104th day of the year (105th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 261 days remaining until the end of the year.




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117 Familypedia people were born on April 14

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Florence Lyle Allen (1847-1934)Joseph Allen (1796-1862)Mary Ann Stetson (1806-1880)
William Hackley Allred (1804-1890)James Allred (1784-1876)Elizabeth Warren (1786-1879)
Lynne Margaret Ardin (1952-1954)Charles Lear Ardin (-1995)Shirley Marion Godkin (1927)
Susannah Arnold (1692-1725)Elisha Arnold (1661-1710)Susanna Carpenter (1666-1753)
Charlotte Brittany Baar (2006)Daniel Joseph Baar (1960)Carmen Dominique Ramirez (1966)
Mary Bangs (1671-1745)Jonathan Bangs (1640-1728)Mary Mayo (1645-1711)
Michael Barry (1873-1920)
Richard Bartlett (1575-1647)Edmund Bartlett (1530-1591)Elizabeth Gore (1545-1616)
Emily Bellamy (1861-1948)James Bellamy (1836-1914)Esther Williamson (1837-1874)
Gladys May Bellamy (1906-1989)William George Bellamy (1879-1957)Ada May Carter (1884-1960)
Peter Bent (1629-1678)John Bent (1596-1672)Martha Blanchard (1598-1676)
William Henry Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland (1738-1809)William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of Portland (1709-1762)Margaret Cavendish Harley (1715-1785)
Herbert Roy Bentley (1888-1963)Franklin Richard Bentley (1856-1923)Marion Benbow Carter (1857-1942)
Marjorie Birrell (1890-1959)Charles George Birrell (1867-1923)Mary Esther Seline Mylecharane (1871-1916)
John Bowes, 10th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1769-1820)John Lyon, 9th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1737-1776)Mary Eleanor Bowes (1749-1800)
... further results

123 Familypedia people died on April 14

 FatherMotherAge at death
Benjamin Alden (1681-1741)David Alden (1645-1719)Mary Southworth (c1650-1719)
Charles George Arbuthnot (1824-1899)Alexander Arbuthnot (1768-1828)Margaret Phoebe Bingham75
William Alexander Armstrong (1882-1919)Thomas Henry Armstrong (1845-1914)Margaret Mundy (1848-1919)
Mary Axtell (1639-1704)Thomas Axtell (1619-1645)Mary Rice (1619-1680)
Fanny Helen Barrett-Lennard (1842-1918)Edward Pomeroy Barrett-Lennard (1799-1878)Elizabeth Frances Graham (c1811-1878)
Christopher Bartlett (1655-1711)Christopher Bartlett (1623-1669)Mary Bartlett (1628-1660)
Joseph Harley Blackman (1892-1918)William George Blackman (1854-1930)Alice Burden Nevell (1869-1958)
Alfred Lockington Bleak (1896-1939)Samuel Thompson Bleak (1865-1942)Lucy Ellen Calkin (1870-1938)
John Bloodworth (1792-1793)James Bloodworth (c1759-1804)Sarah Bellamy (c1770-1843)1
Voica Bogdan (1919-1991)Rene-Grigore Bogdan (1885-1975)Marie-Louise Wemyss-Swann (1893-1967)
Louis of France (1661-1711)Louis XIV of France (1638-1715)Maria Theresa of Spain (1638-1683)
Humphrey Bourchier (1440-1471)John Bourchier (1415-1474)Margery Berners (-1475)
Philip Bouverie (1746-1828)Jacob des Bouverie, 1st Viscount Folkestone (c1694-1761)Elizabeth Marsham (1711-1782)
Dirk Brander (1862-1939)Thijs Brander (1824-1872)Geertje Houter (1824-1897)
Klaas Brandsen (c1800-)Jacob Branse (c1772-)Marijtje Boetes85
... further results

102 Familypedia people were first married on April 14

 FatherMotherJoined with
Mary Luella Abbott (1865-1955)Myron Abbott (1837-1907)Laura Josephine Allen (1846-1925)Thomas Dudley Leavitt (1857-1933)
Charles Adams (bef1769-aft1784)Mary Cramp (c1758-1759)
Grietje Appelman (1819-1894)Klaas Appelman (1789-1829)Rebecca Verlaat (1790-1870)Sibout Spil (1825-1868) + Jan Rood (1825-1901)
Mary Anne Ashley-Cooper (c1766-1854)Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 4th Earl of Shaftesbury (1711-1771)Mary Bouverie (1730-1804)Charles Sturt (c1764-1812)
Robert Low Bacon (1884-1938)Robert Bacon (1860-1919)Martha Waldron Cowdin (1860-1940)Virginia Murray (1890-1980)
Bethiah Baker (1737-1820)Samuel Baker (1706-1791)Prudence Jenkins (1710-1793)John Perkins (1736-1800)
Thomas Barnes (1662-1734)Thomas Barnes (1636-1679)Abigail Goodenow (1642-1678)Mary Howe (1665-1719)
Abigail Bedford (1690-)John BedfordMary Rowbery (1655-)Thomas Pitt (1688-)
Charles Kennett Bell (1887-1958)John Charles Bell (1859-1938)Charlotte Elizabeth Kennett (1860-1930)Ellen Amelia Booth (1885-1968)
Ellen Amelia Booth (1885-1968)George Booth (1840-1903)Eliza Jane Clarke (c1852-c1919)Charles Kennett Bell (1887-1958)
Mary Botwright (c1690-)Samuel Whistlecraft (c1690-1735)
Isabella Elizabeth Byng (1773-1830)George Byng, 4th Viscount Torrington (1740-1812)Lucy Boyle (1744-1792)Thomas Thynne, 2nd Marquess of Bath (1765-1837)
Susannah Capen (1602-1666)Barnard Capen (1562-1638)Joan Purchase (1578-1653)William Rockwell (1590-1640)+Matthew Grant (1601-1681)
Susan Henrietta Cavendish (1846-1909)George Henry Cavendish (1810-1880)Louisa Lascelles (1812-1886)Henry Robert Brand, 2nd Viscount Hampden (1841-1906)
William Amherst Cecil (1886-1914)William Cecil (1854-1943)Mary Rothes Margaret Tyssen-Amherst, 2nd Baroness Amherst (1857-1919)Gladys Evelyn Baggallay (1884-1947)
... further results