Arthur Scott Burden (August 11, 1879 – June 15, 1921) was an equestrian.


He was born on August 11, 1879. His brother was James A. Burden, who was the President of the Burden Iron Works of Troy, New York.

He was married on June 11, 1906 to the Hon. Cynthia Burke Roche, with whom he had a daughter Eileen Burden Maynard Robins (October 15, 1910 - March 24, 1970)[1] and married to Walter Maynard, whose daughter Sheila Maynard, a clinical social worker who worked in Islamabad,[2], married Nicholas Platt, a career diplomat who served as U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Zambia and the Philippines[3], and had Adam Platt, New York Magazine restaurant critic, actor Oliver Platt and Nicholas Platt, Jr.

Arthur died from pneumonia after falling from his horse. He died at a branch of the New York Hospital in White Plains, New York.[4]


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NAME Burden, Arthur Scott
DATE OF BIRTH August 11, 1879
DATE OF DEATH June 15, 1921