Auda Carolingian was born 722 in France to Charles Martel (686-741) and Rotrude of Treves (690-724) . She married Thierry d'Autun (c720-c782) .

Auda, Aida, Alda, Aldana or Adalne (722 – before 755?) was a daughter of Charles Martel and probably Rotrude, and was the mother of Saint William of Gellone.

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ALDANA. Settipani quotes an Aquitaine necrology which lists "Willelmus…pater eius Theodericus, mater Aldana soror Hiltrudis et Landradæ"[229]. He suggests that "Hiltrudis" was the wife of Odilo Duke of Bavaria, and therefore that all three sisters were daughters of Charles "Martel". The theory is attractive but not conclusive, as its validity depends on there being no other contemporary Hiltrudis, which is not provable. If it is correct, there is no indication about the mother of Landrada and Aldana. Hlawitschka highlights the case against the affiliation[230]. However, the evidence of the 25 May 765 charter, quoted above under Aldana’s supposed sister Landrada, suggests that Settipani’s hypothesis may be correct. In addition, Einhard indicates that Theoderic [I] was related to Charles I King of the Franks when he records that in 782 King Charles sent his three missi "Adalgiso camerario et Geilone comite stabuli et Worado comite palati" to meet "in…Saxonis…Theodericus comes, propinquus regis"[231]. One possible relationship being between the king and Theoderic [I] would have been through his wife, if she had been the king's paternal aunt. "Willelmus…comes" names "genitore meo Theuderico et genitrice mea Aldana" in his charter dated 14 Dec 804 (version two: dated 15 Dec 804) for the foundation of the monastery of Gellone[232]. m THEODERIC [I] Comte d'Autun, son of --- (-before 804).]

Marriage and children

She was married to Thierry IV, count of Autun in 742 and in 750, son of Theodoric, count, and descendant of Bertrada of Prüm. From this marriage were born:

  • Theodoen (d. bef. 826), count of Autun, mentioned in 804
  • Thierry, mentioned in 782 and in 804.
  • Adalhelm
  • William of Gellone (755-c813) count of Toulouse and founder of the Abbey of Gellone and beatified into a famous saint.
  • Abba of Autun (c770-aft804) - mentioned as nun in 804. She or her sister Berta, or perhaps a third sister Aude, was probably married to a Nibelungid, Childebrand II or Nibelung II.
  • Berta - mentioned as nun in 804.


Offspring of Thierry d'Autun (c720-c782) and Auda
Name Birth Death Joined with
Teudoin of Autun (?-aft826)
Theoderic II of Autun (?-aft811)
Adalhelm d'Autun (-aft804) 804
Unknown of Autun (?-?)
William of Gellone (755-c813) 755 28 May 813 Kunigunde Unknown (?-bef795)
Witberga Unknown (?-bef795)
Abba of Autun (c770-aft804) 770 804 Nivelon II de Madrie (755-805)
Berta of Autun (c770-) 770


Offspring of Charles Martel (686-741) and Rotrude of Treves (690-724)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hiltrud (-754) 754 Odilo von Bayern (c705-748)
Carloman de Franks (c710-754)
Landrada (c712-) 712 Sigramnus
Auda of France (732-bef755) 722 France Thierry d'Autun (c720-c782)
Pepin the Short (714-768) 714 Jupille, Belgium (Austrasia) 24 September 768 Saint Denis Bertrada of Laon (720-783)

Offspring of Charles Martel (686-741) and Swanachild of Agilolfings (c700-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Grifo (726-753) 726 753

Offspring of Charles Martel (686-741) and Ruodhaid (c700-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Bernard (bef732-787) 732 787
Hieronymus (?-?) Ermentrude
Remigius (?-771) 771
Ian (?-783)

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