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August 5 in recent years
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August 5 is the 217th day of the year (218th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 148 days remaining until the end of the year.




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109 Familypedia people were born on August 5

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Henry Bradley Adams (1866-1954)Henry Daniel Adams (1844-1920)Eliza Agnes Bradley (1846-1925)
Frederick James Alabaster (2011)Stephan Alabaster (1982)Linda Potter (1979)
Joseph Allen (1796-1862)John Allen (1779-1834)Jabus Davis (1771-1829)
William Ernest Archer (1754-1833)John Archer (c1727-1765)Mary Bazell (c1731-)
Neil Alden Armstrong (1930-2012)Stephen Koenig Armstrong (1907-1990)Viola Louise Engel (1907-1990)
Alfonso Arzabe (-)
Gamaliel Paine Atkins (1847-1911)Paul Atkins (1798-1883)Keziah Paine (1803-1879)
William Beaven (1837-1919)George Beaven (1815-1895)Elizabeth Weaver (1818-1899)
Jan Bergwerf (1632-)Arij Bergwerf (c1585-)Maartje Simons (1587-)
William George Bowden (1882-1900)George Bowden (1859-1943)Emma Jane May (1861-1947)
Jessica Rose Sylvia Boyce (2005)Daniel John Boyce (1964)Maryann Rose Ferrigno (1967)
Charles Boyton (1861-1925)Charles Boyton (1825-1861)Maria Smith (1828-1875)
Samuel Bradley (1683-1683)Nathan Bradley (1631-1701)Mary Evans (1640-1711)
Dirk Brander (1862-1939)Thijs Brander (1824-1872)Geertje Houter (1824-1897)
Elisha Huntington Brewster (1809-1878)Elisha Brewster (1755-1833)Sarah Huntington (1768-1841)
... further results

106 Familypedia people died on August 5

 FatherMotherAge at death
Washington Brown Alden (1799-1859)Josiah Alden (1773-1833)Olivet Brown (1773-)
George William Aldridge (1886-1965)William Aldridge (1858-1943)Georgina Smith (1870-1909)
Thomas Apps (1844-1911)William Apps (1813-1901)Philadelphia Foots (1813-1874)
James Gibson Arbuthnot (1816-1893)Samuel Arbuthnot (1759-1844)Esther McMarlin (1779-1852)77
Samuel B. Arbuthnot (1848-1889)James Gibson Arbuthnot (1816-1893)Mary Catherine Vogel or Fogal (1826-1900)41
Herbert Asquith (1881-1947)Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith (1852-1928)Helen Kelsall Melland (1854-1891)
James Balgowan (1845-1902)William Balgowan (c1808-1887)Jannet Shand (1810-1880)57
Andrew Jackson Bilbrey (1886-1936)Alvis Verl Bilbrey (1856-1935)Sarah Wilson (1853-1932)
Jonas Bonde (1568-1601)Thomas Bond (1540-)Alice Woolpit (1540-1575)
Charlotte Bouverie (1788-1810)Bartholomew Bouverie (1753-1835)Mary Wyndham Arundell (1757-1832)
William Boyd (c1740-1817)
Paulina Brussé (1816-1848)Jacobus Brussé (1794-1860)Anna Lasschuit (c1787-1816)32
Joseph Burgess (1628-1695)Thomas Burgess (1601-1685)Dorothy Waynes (1603-1687)
Angus Mousley Cannon (1872-1947)David Henry Cannon (1838-1924)Wilhelmina Logan Mousley (1840-1918)
Giovanni di Durazzo (1294-1336)Charles II of Naples (1254-1309)Maria of Hungary (c1257-1325)
... further results

79 Familypedia people were first married on August 5

 FatherMotherJoined with
Laura Calvert Arbuthnot (1830-1917)George Arbuthnot (1772-1843)Elizabeth Fraser (1792-1834)William Fitzwilliam Lenox-Conyngham (1824-1906)
Isabella Holmes Beecher (1822-1907)Lyman Beecher (1775-1863)Harriet Porter (1790-1835)John Hooker (1816-1901)
Thomas Belasyse, 1st Earl Fauconberg (1699-1774)Thomas Belasyse, 3rd Viscount Fauconberg (-1718)Bridget Gage (-1732)Catherine Betham (c1719-1760)
Cynthia Lovina Berry (1833-1918)Jesse Woods Berry (1791-1844)Armela Shanks (1804-1893)Robert Gardner (1819-1906)
Catherine Best (1844-)William Thomas Best (1819-aft1881)Elizabeth Harper Smith (c1821-)Marmaduke Benjamin Charman (1841-1927)
Jane Blanch (1831-1874)Thomas J Blanch (1809-1892)Hannah Austin (1815-1879)George Mosman (1799-1868)
Gamaliel Bradford (1763-1824)Gamaliel Bradford (1731-1807)Sarah Alden (1731-1788)Elizabeth Hickling (1767-1817)
Patience Brewster (1600-1634)William Brewster (1567-1644)Mary Brewster (1569-1627)Thomas Prence (1600-1673)
Edward Bridge (1856-1925)Benjamin Bridge (1816-1875)Susannah Ann Craft (1820-1910)Euphemia Cameron (1858-1945)
Florence Amy Bridge (1865-1950)Joseph Bridge (1840-1916)Rose Anna Elizabeth Chick (1840-1916)Duncan Cameron (1861-1949)
Dorothy Margaret Browne (1888-1961)Valentine Charles Browne, 5th Earl of Kenmare (1860-1941)Elizabeth Baring (1867-1944)Edward Arthur Grosvenor (1892-1929)+Evan Edward Charteris (1864-1940)
Jacobus Brussé (1794-1860)Jacobus Brussé (c1768-1813)Adriana Honing (1757-1844)Anna Lasschuit (c1787-1816)+Carolina van Schuik (c1792-1854)
Johannes Hendrikus Brussé (1814-1841)Johannes Brussé (1792-1840)Johanna Hendrika van der Heijden (1791-1841)Joanna Maria Ulsamer (c1811-)
Elizabeth Bushnell (1715-1742)Caleb Bushnell (1679-1725)Anne Leffingwell (1679-1762)John Perkins (1709-1761)
Duncan Cameron (1861-1949)Colin Cameron (1821-1905)Rosanna McPhee (1823-1915)Florence Amy Bridge (1865-1950)
... further results