Austrian Canadians
Total population
197,990 (by ancestry, 2011)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Mississauga, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City

German · English · French


Christianity · Judaism

Related ethnic groups

German Canadians · Swiss Canadians · Luxembourgian Canadians · Belgian Canadians

Austrian Canadians are Canadian citizens who are of Austrian ancestry or Austrian-born people who reside in Canada. According to the Canada 2011 Census there were 197,990 Canadians who claimed either full or partial Austrian ancestry.[1]

Austrian Canadian communities can be found throughout the country but with a higher concentration mainly in Western Canada.


In the 17th century, soldiers from the Austro Hungarian Empire settled in New France. Numbers increased following the passing of the Staatsgrundgesetz (constitutional law) in 1867 which allowed free migration from the empire for civilians. Emigration to Canada increased throughout the late 19th century and into the early 20th, until this was tightened in 1914 at the onset of World War I.[2]


Austrian Canadian population by province and territory in Canada in 2011:

Province or territory Austrian Canadians Percentage
 Canada 197,990[1]
 Ontario 68,785
 British Columbia 45,675
 Alberta 36,670
 Saskatchewan 18,600
 Manitoba 12,660
 Quebec 11,815
 Nova Scotia 1,835
 New Brunswick 805
 Yukon 395
 Newfoundland and Labrador 275
 Prince Edward Island 270
 Northwest Territories 185
 Nunavut 15

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