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Bârlad is located in Romania
Location of Bârlad in Romania
Coordinates: 46°13′N 27°40′E / 46.217, 27.667Coordinates: 46°13′N 27°40′E / 46.217, 27.667
Country Romania
County Vaslui County
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Bârlad (Romanian pronunciation: [bɨrˈlad]) is a city in Vaslui County, Romania. It lies on the banks of the Bârlad River, which waters the high plains of eastern Moldavia.

At Bârlad the railway from Iaşi diverges, one branch skirting the river Siret, the other skirting the Prut; both reunite at Galaţi. Along with a maze of narrow and winding streets, Bârlad features several notable modern buildings, including the hospital administered by the Saint Spiridion Foundation of Iaşi.

In the vicinity of the city there are traces of a Roman camp.

Biserica Domnească, Bârlad


Demographic evolution of Bârlad

Main sights[]

  • "Gh. Roşca Codreanu" High School, Bârlad

  • "Vasile Pârvan" Museum
  • Earth fortress of 1476 built by Stephen the Great
  • "V.I. Popa" Theatre
  • Planetarium
  • Zoo
  • "Saint George" church - build in 1636 by Vasile Lupu
  • "Sfinții Voievozi" church
  • "Saint Dumitru" church
  • "Saint Spiridon and Buna Vestire" church (1825)
  • "Vovidenia and Saint Paraschiva" church
  • Cuza House
  • Sturdza House
  • Tuduri House
  • Bulbuc House
  • Silvian House
  • Șuțu House
  • Red House
  • Gheorghe Gheorghiu House
  • "Marcel Guguianu" pavilion for exhibitions;
  • Building of the former "Deșteptarea" bank
  • Statue of Gheorghe Roșca Codreanu.
  • Sergeant Buhus Vlad memorial house

Vasile Pârvan museum

Statue of Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Bârlad


  • Constantin Aur
  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza
  • Andreea Răducan
  • Anton Holban
  • Manolache Costache Epureanu
  • Cezar Ivănescu
  • Ernest Juvara
  • Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej
  • Gheorghe Palade
  • Ionel Teodoreanu
  • Marcel Guguianu
  • Nicolae Cocea
  • Nicolae Tonitza
  • Ştefan Procopiu (1890-1972)
  • Vasile Sturdza
  • Victor Ion Popa
  • Titi Aur
  • Stroe S. Belloescu
  • Max Goldstein
  • Elena Farago
  • Alexandru Philippide
  • Virgil Duda
  • George Tutoveanu
  • Florin Ciorăscu
  • Ion Dimitriu-Bârlad
  • Constantin Hamangiu
  • Constantin T. Nicolau
  • Martin Bercovici
  • Constantin Manolache
  • Barbu Zaharescu
  • Ion Chiricuță
  • Victor Cristea
  • Valeriu Lazarov
  • Cicerone Poghirc
  • George D. Pallade
  • Nicolae Cocea
  • Basta Dragos Mihai


Rulmentul Bârlad is a rugby team from the city, currently playing in the first rugby league in Romania. One of the pioneers of rugby in Romania, the first team was created in 1956 under the name of CONSTRUCTORUL, meaning the "builder" in Romanian. C.S. RULMENŢI S.A. Bârlad was formed later on in 1962, competing in the first tier of the Romanian rugby division ever since. The team colours are white and blue. Notable performances are the winning of the 1986 and 1987 F.R.R cup (Romanian cup).

Fepa 74 Bârlad was the city's football team, changing its name to FC Bârlad. Its best performance was promotion in the second tier of Romanian football championship in mid-1980s.

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