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Barrona County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It is bounded by the Warrego River in the east and the Paroo River in the west.

Barrona is believed to be derived from a local Aboriginal word and the nearby Barrona Downs also carries that Aboriginal name.[1]

Parishes within this county[]

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Ballycastle Bourke Shire 30°02′43″S 145°02′45″E / -30.04528, 145.04583 (Ballycastle Parish)
Blarney Bourke Shire 30°00′44″S 144°55′08″E / -30.01222, 144.91889 (Blarney Parish)
Buntiara Bourke Shire 29°52′54″S 144°26′25″E / -29.88167, 144.44028 (Buntiara Parish)
Byjerk Unincorporated 30°06′38″S 144°09′03″E / -30.11056, 144.15083 (Byjerk Parish)
Cahirnane Bourke Shire 30°08′08″S 144°24′23″E / -30.13556, 144.40639 (Cahirnane Parish)
Coorallie Bourke Shire 30°03′52″S 144°12′57″E / -30.06444, 144.21583 (Coorallie Parish)
Curragh Bourke Shire 29°46′45″S 145°15′09″E / -29.77917, 145.2525 (Curragh Parish)
Dargle Bourke Shire 29°55′24″S 144°49′05″E / -29.92333, 144.81806 (Dargle Parish)
Effluence Bourke Shire unknown
Gleena Bourke Shire 30°02′12″S 144°25′13″E / -30.03667, 144.42028 (Gleena Parish)
Goombalie Bourke Shire 30°05′54″S 145°21′31″E / -30.09833, 145.35861 (Goombalie Parish)
Goonery Bourke Shire 30°06′47″S 145°07′28″E / -30.11306, 145.12444 (Goonery Parish)
Kulkyne Bourke Shire 29°49′06″S 144°34′53″E / -29.81833, 144.58139 (Kulkyne Parish)
Longside Bourke Shire 30°07′25″S 144°36′35″E / -30.12361, 144.60972 (Longside Parish)
Maghera Bourke Shire 29°55′09″S 145°03′43″E / -29.91917, 145.06194 (Maghera Parish)
Mere Bourke Shire 30°15′20″S 145°03′12″E / -30.25556, 145.05333 (Mere Parish)
Merrita South Bourke Shire 29°49′04″S 145°06′15″E / -29.81778, 145.10417 (Merrita South Parish)
Merrita West Bourke Shire 29°51′30″S 144°56′57″E / -29.85833, 144.94917 (Merrita West Parish)
Nummo Bourke Shire 30°07′37″S 144°17′07″E / -30.12694, 144.28528 (Nummo Parish)
Otako Bourke Shire 29°58′32″S 144°34′49″E / -29.97556, 144.58028 (Otako Parish)
Paroo Bourke Shire unknown
Round Hill Bourke Shire 29°58′37″S 145°13′32″E / -29.97694, 145.22556 (Round Hill Parish)
Tantawanga Bourke Shire 29°48′59″S 144°14′55″E / -29.81639, 144.24861 (Tantawanga Parish)
Uteeara Bourke Shire 30°10′47″S 145°15′58″E / -30.17972, 145.26611 (Uteeara Parish)
Wanga Bourke Shire 29°45′42″S 144°45′09″E / -29.76167, 144.7525 (Wanga Parish)
Wentworth Bourke Shire 30°05′44″S 144°46′09″E / -30.09556, 144.76917 (Wentworth Parish)
Winnalabrinna Bourke Shire 29°47′51″S 145°22′30″E / -29.7975, 145.375 (Winnalabrinna Parish)
Yandaroo Bourke Shire 30°04′48″S 145°14′03″E / -30.08, 145.23417 (Yandaroo Parish)


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