Battle of the Shishev Forest
Part of Mongol invasion of Rus'
Date 1365
Location 54°19′43″N 40°51′23″E / 54.32861, 40.85639
Result Decisive victory of the Russians
Ryazan Principality
Karachev Principality
Golden Horde
Commanders and leaders
Oleg Ivanovich,
Vladimir Dmitriyevich,
Tit Mstislavich
Tagay Beq (c1330-1369)

The Battle of the Shishev Forest is the battle between the troops of the Ryazan and Karachev principality led by Oleg Ivanovich, Vladimir Dmitriyevich and Tit Mstislavich against the Golden Horde led by Tagay Beq in 1365, which resulted in a decisive victory of the Russian troops.


In 1359, a long struggle for power began in the Golden Horde. The Horde were defeated by the Grand Duke of Lithuania Olgerd Gediminovich in the Battle of Blue Waters in 1362. Having conquered Mordovian lands in 1361, the Horde "prince" Tagay in 1365 made a ruinous raid on the Principality of Ryazan, burned Pereyaslavl-Ryazan. Oleg Ivanovich was not in the principality. But having learned about the raid, he joined forcea with the with the principalities of Pronsk and Kozelsk, was able to catch up with the returning Horde and defeat them.

Course of the battle

When the victors, burdened with booty, returned back, they were overtaken by the Ryazan army led by Prince Oleg Ivanovich with Vladimir Dmitriyevich and Tit Mstislavich, who resolutely acted in retaliation. After a short battle near the Shishevsky forest on the River Voin in the Ryazan principality, the Ryazans gained victory, Tangay escaped with few people

Consequences of the battle

After the defeat of the Shishev forest, Tangay's possessions soon came under the power of Mamai, who began the unification of the Golden Horde under his authority. The city of Mkohsha , the center of the annalistic Narovchat horde, or the ulus of the same name, gradually began to decline, passing from hand to hand. Part of the urban aristocracy (Solokhmir, Edugan and several other emirs) in 1371 decided to enter in the service of the Prince of Ryazan, and became the ancestors of such famous Russian aristocratic families as Apraksin, Shishkin, Kryukov ,Khitrovo, Verderevsky, Khanykov, etc. The victory of the Russians is remarkable in that it was achieved by the forces of the border principalities without the help of the Grand Prince of Vladimir and Moscow Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoy. Just 2 years later the Princes of Suzdal could defeat Bulat-Timur in the Battle of the Pyana River in such a way.



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