Benedict Messerly
Sex: Male
Birth: 1828
Father: Benedikt Messerli
Mother: Magdalena Messerli

Benedict Messerly

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Documentation notes[]

  • Gparents Hans Messerli 10 MAY 1744 Thurnen, Bern, Switzerland , Elsbeth Brügger Messerli Married 19 OCT 1771 Gelterfingen, Bern, Switzerland
  • Uncle Christian <MESSERLI> About 1778 Thurnen, Bern, Switzerland
  • Father born 16 SEP 1781 Kaufdorf, Bern, Switzerland
  • Parents married 30 JUN 1817 Kaufdorf, Bern, no parents or maiden name given
  • 2 Benedict Jr.'s born to Benedikt Messerli & "Mrs. Magdalena Benedikt Messerli "
      1. 10 SEP 1817 Kaufdorf, Bern, Switzerland
      2. 18 MAR 1828 Kaufdorf, Bern, Switzerland
  • Johannes Born 11 JAN 1833 Kaufdorf, Bern, Switzerland
  • David Born 01 DEC 1810 Kaufdorf, Bern, Switzerland
  • Christian Born 16 APR 1826 Kaufdorf, Bern, Switzerland
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