The origins of Benjamin Hill and the names of his parents and siblings is currently unknown.His birth place of Westbury has been obtained from later census records, and his age also estimated from these records.


Benjamin married Hannah Paviour in Westbury, Wiltshire on 25th September 1799. Her origins are also currently unknown.

Benjamin and Hannah had two known children, Thomas and Mary. A baptism for Mary has been located, but Thomas's is yet to be found.

1841 census[]

Benjamin and Hannah are located in the 1841 census for Wiltshire at Stormore, Westbury, They are both listed as aged 60 and Benjamin's occupation is recorded as weaver.

There are no children living with them at the time. Son Thomas and family nearby at Stormore (which is near Dilton Marsh).

Death of Wife[]

Benjamin's wife Hannah died in the March quarter of 1843 in Westbury. Her death certificate is yet to be obtained to acertain cause of death.

Emigration of Son to Australia[]

In 1848, Benjamin's son Thomas and family decided to emigrate to South Australia. Five of Benjamin's grandchildren travelled with Thomas and his wife, while the remaining grandchildren (most who were already married) made separate voyages to the colony on different voyages around the same period.

1851 census[]

Benjamin is recorded in the 1851 census for Wiltshire as a boarder in the house of George Millard and family, at Red Pitt, Dilton Marsh. George Millard was a relative of Jane Millard, the wife of Benjamin's grandson, also called Benjamin.

Benjamin is recorded as a broad weaver, a pauper, and widowed - aged 71.


Benjamin died in the June quarter of 1854 in Westbury, Wiltshire. His death certificate has yet to be obtained.


Name Birth Death
Children of Benjamin and Hannah Hill

Thomas c1798
Westbury, Wiltshire
Marden, South Australia

Mary baptised 20/04/1800
Westbury, Wiltshire