Berengar II of Italy was born circa 900 to Adalbert I di Ivrea (-c923) and Gisela di Friuli (882-910) and died 6 July 966 of unspecified causes. Charlemagne (747-814).

Berengar of Ivrea, also referred to as Berengar II of Italy, was margrave of Ivrea, and usurper King of Italy. He was of Lombard descent.

From the time of Berengar's successful uprising of the nobles in 945, all real power and patronage in the Kingdom of Italy was concentrated in his hands. Thus, the king's power in Italy was nominal and, following the uprising, Berengar became the effective King of Italy upon the withdrawal to Provence of Hugh of Arles, who left his young son Lothar as titular king. Lothar's brief reign ended upon his death in 950.

Berengar, for his part, then attempted to legitimize his rule in Lombardy by forcing Lothar's widow Adelaide, the respective daughter, daughter-in-law, and widow of the last three kings of Italy, into marriage with his son Adalbert. Instead she entreated the protection of Otto, King of Germany, whom she married. Berengar then seized the opportunity and declared himself king, with his son as co-king. Adelaide's requests for intervention resulted in Otto's invasion in 951. Otto received the homage of the Italian nobility and assumed the title of a King of the Lombards. He forced Berengar to pay him homage (952) and married Adelaide himself.

Berengar and his son Adalbert remained kings as Otto's vassals. After 960, they attacked Pope John XII, on whose appeal Otto marched into Rome and was crowned emperor (962). John's subsequent negotiations with Berengar caused Otto to depose the pope and capture and imprison Berengar in Germany (963).

Berengar's consort Willa mistreated Adelaide when Berengar held her captive for several months in 951. The chronicler Liutprand of Cremona, raised at his court at Pavia, gives several particularly vivid accounts of Willa's character. She was held captive in a German nunnery.


#g1: Offspring of Adalbert I di Ivrea (-c923) and Gisela di Friuli (882-910)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Berengar II of Italy (900-966) 900 6 July 966 Willa of Arles (912-970)
Bertha di Ivrea (?-?)
#g2: Offspring of Adalbert I di Ivrea (-c923) and Ermengard di Tuscania (?-932)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Anscar di Spoleto (c915-940) 915 940


Offspring of Berenger di Ivrea and Willa of Arles (912-970)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Adalberto di Ivrea (c934-971) 934 30 April 971 Autun, France Gerberga de Macon (-c988)
Guido di Ivrea (940-965) 940 25 June 965
Corrado Cono di Ivrea (?-c1000) 1000 Richilda Glaber (?-?)
Gisla di Ivrea (?-?) Ramboldo (?-bef1040)
Gilberga di Ivrea (945-?) 945 Aleramo del Marchio del Monferrato (?-c977)
Rozela di Ivrea (955-c1003) 955 1003 Arnulf II of Flanders (c960-988) Arnulf II of Flanders (c960-988) Robert II of France (972-1031)
Berta di Ivrea (?-?)

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¢ Children
  • Geni says there was a daughter Urraca d'Ivrea (c965-c1007), mother of Regilinde of Lorraine (c999-1064) - . says Regilinde's mother was "prob. not Urraca LOMBARD of ITALY (? - 1007?)".