Bertha Welf de Bourgogne was born 967 to Conrad III de Bourgogne (c925-993) and Mathilde (943-c981) and died 1016 of unspecified causes. She married Odo de Blois (950-996) 983 JL . She married Robert II of France (972-1031) 996 JL . Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899).

According to Italian Wikipedia, Bertha married a third time to Arduin of Ivrea (955-1015), and had seven more children.


Offspring of Bertha de Bourgogne and Odo de Blois (950-996)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Robert de Blois (?-c988) 988
Theobald II de Blois (c985-1004) 985 11 July 1004
Odo II de Blois (c983-1037) 983 15 November 1037 Bar Matilda of Normandy (?-1006) Matilda of Normandy (?-1006) Irmengarde d'Auvergne (c995-1040)
Thierry de Blois (?-996) 996
Agnes de Blois (c987-c1034) 987 1034 Geoffroy II de Thouars (990-1055)
Roger de Blois (?-?) 24 June 1024


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