Boleslaus II the Pious (between September 28 , 929 and September 28, 935 - 7 February , 999 ) was duke of Bohemia from 967 or 972 to 999. He was son of Boleslaus I and his wife Biagota, husband of Adivea and Emma of Mělník by which he fathered Boleslaus III, Jaromír, Oldřich and Václav (born 958). He was born after his brother Strachkvas which means he was born after September 28 , 929 and beforeSeptember 28 , 935 . Chronicles of Widukind of Corvey, he and his father met Otto I. Even through it could been Vok, his brother. For his reign he ruled Bohemia, Egerland, Moravia, Basin of Thaya, and the duchy expandes to river Váh, with it goes part of Silesia, southeast part of Poland, and alsko expands to river Southern Bug (that is double area of modern ČR). However Premyslid didn´t directly ruled over entire Bohemia duchy. Entire east expansion was to rule over trade root from Nuremberg to Kiev, that made big money for the duke. Pious comes from his foundation of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Prague. That made him bigger in field of politics and christianity. Second bishop was Vojtěch from Slavnikoviks, they and Boleslaus had tention between them (even through he was his cousin but also rival claimer to duchy). The Pious was again shown in 993, when first man church was founded. Tention howeve ended in burning and murder of Slavnikoviks on Septmeber 28, 995.

Boleslaus II of Bohemia (932-999)
Přemyslid dynasty
Born: c. 932 Died: 7 February 999
Preceded by
Boleslaus I
Duke of Bohemia
Succeeded by
Boleslaus III