Boris Vyacheslavich of Tmutarakan, Prince of Chernigov, Prince of Tmutarakan, was born circa 1054 to Vyacheslav Yaroslavich of Smolensk (1036-1057) and Oda of Stade (c1036-c1075) and died 3 October 1078 Battle of Nezhatina Niva (1078) of unspecified causes.

After the death of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich of Kiev in 1077, his brothers Vsevolod Yaroslavich and Izyaslav Yaroslavich started a bitter rivalry over the Grand Principality of Kiev. Vsevolod left Chernigov and headed against Izyaslav, who had set started a military campaign to take control of Kiev.

Boris Vyacheslavich took advantage of his uncle's absence and seized control of Chernigov. He only managed to remain in power for 8 days and then hearing the news of Vsevolod's return, had to flee to Tmutarakan, where he was well received Roman Svyatoslavich. The two were soon joined by Oleg Svyatoslavich, the second son of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich, who had been banished by his uncles from the Vladimir region.

In 1078, Boris and Oleg allied themselves with the Cumans and attacked Vsevolod in the Battle of the Sozhitsya River, defeating his army in a bloody battle and capturing Chernigov. Soon, Vsevolod and Izyaslav were able to muster a new army with the help of their sons and headed for Chernigov. Boris and Oleg had already left the city by the time Vsevolod and Izyaslav approached it, but the citizens of Chernigov closed the gates and prepared for the siege. The attackers burned the outer parts of the city and wanted to proceed further, but received the news that Oleg and Boris were coming to Chernigov's rescue. Oleg tried to convince his cousin Boris not to seek direct confrontation with the four princes and to negotiate for peace, but Boris decided to take them on. In the following Battle of Nezhatina Niva (1078), which took place on 3 October 1078, Boris Vyacheslavich was killed.



#g1: Offspring of Vyacheslav Yaroslavich of Smolensk (1036-1057) and Oda of Stade (c1036-c1075)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Boris Vyacheslavich of Tmutarakan (c1054-1078) 1054 3 October 1078


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NAME Boris Vyacheslavich
SHORT DESCRIPTION Prince of Tmutakaran
DATE OF DEATH 3 October 1078
PLACE OF DEATH Battle of Nezhatina Niva (KIA)
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