Boris Yuryevich of Belgorod (Борис Юрьевич) was born circa 1116 to Yuri I Vladimirovich Dolgoruky of Kiev (c1090-1157) and Anna of Cumania (c1092-c1135) and died 2 May 1159 Suzdal, Suzdal Rayon, Vladimir Oblast, Russia of unspecified causes.

Boris Yuryevich (c1116-2 May 1159) - Prince of Belgorod-Kievsky (1149-1151), Prince of Turov and Pinsk(1154-1157), Prince of Kideksha (1157-1159), son Yuri Dolgoruky from his marriage to Anna of Cumania the daughter of Polovtsian Ayub Khan.

After Yuri Dolgoruky was enthroned as Grand Prince of Kiev in 1149, Boris Yuryevich was appointed Prince of Belgorod-Kievsky and in 1154, Prince of Turov and Pinsk. After his father's death, in 1157 he left the south and was the only one of Andrei of Bogolyubovo's relatives who ruled principalities in the north.


After the death of Prince Vladimir Monomakh death, in 1125, his children and grandchildren fought among themselves for half a century for power in Kiev. These intestine wars carried the discord of the once united Kievan Rus'. In the second half of the 12th century, the single Russia divided into separate appanage principalities with their senior and junior princes, who also fought among themselves. Therefore, the life of Prince Boris Yuryevich was held in constant campaigns, strife and struggle. For many years he and his brothers helped their father Yuri Dolgoruky fight for the throne in Kiev.

Initially, Yuri was Prince of Suzdal principality. After the death of the brothers Mstislav and Yaropolk, he did not resist, when Vsevolod Olgovich, Prince of Chernigov took the throne of Kiev. He tried to transfer power to his brother Igor. But then Yuri Dolgoruky's nephew, the Prince of Pereyaslavl Izyaslav Mstislavich, intervened: in 1147 he caught Igor and captured the Kiev table himself (in 1147). The Olgovich brothers count not accept this and opposed Izyaslav, who relied on the support of siblings and above all, Rostislav, prince of Smolensk. On the side of the Olegovich, Yuri Dolgoruky Prince of Suzdal decided to forge an alliance with his sons. He did not heed the wise advice of his boyars not to get involved in strife. First, Prince Yuri drove out Izyaslav's supporters from Novgorod and Smolensk. In 1149 he defeated Izyaslav's nephew and took Kiev . Having become Grand Prince of Kiev, Yuri shared the lands of Kiev between the children, as indicated in the Ipatiev Chronicle, He installed Rostislav at Pereyaslavl, Andrei in Vyshgorod, Boris in Belgorod-Kievsky, Gleb in Kanev and Vasilko in Suzdal.

However, Boris did not rule in Belgorod for long. Prince Izyaslav, having collected the army, for the following year, secretly approached the city in the following year. In time warned by the right people about the danger, Boris fled from Belgorod and went to his father in Kiev noted in the Laurentian Chronicle).

The struggle of the princes Izyaslav and Yuri was a mixed success. Changing allies, both princes captured several times, and then lost Kiev. Izyaslav unexpectedly died in 1154, and the Kievites invited his younger brother Rostislav Mstislavich to reign in Kiev. However, he soon lost the throne to his uncle Yuri Dolgoruky.

Having occupied in the spring of 1155 for the third time Kiev and becoming the Grand Prince of Kiev, Yuri again divided the lands of Russia between his sons. The Laurentian Chronicle indicates that he installed : Andrei in Vyshgorod, Boris in Turov and Pinsk, Gleb in Pereyaslavl and Vasilko was sent to Porossia

The reign of Boris in the principality of Turov and Pinsk was also short. In 1157, His father Yuri Dolgoruky unexpectedly died on 15 May 1157. The Kievites expelled from Kiev the supporters of the deceased Grand Prince. The internecine struggle for the throne of Kiev started all over again. Under these circumstances, having lost his father's support, Prince Boris was forced to leave the Turov and return to Suzdal, his father's fief.


The last chronicle mention of Prince Boris belongs to 1158 (although in some annals 1159 is indicated). Thus, in the Patriarchal Chronicle it is written:

"On the same day [6666] Prince Boris Yuryev, the son of Dolgoruky, the month of May, left on the 12th day, in memory of the holy Epiphany of Metropolitan Kipriskago, and was put in the church of the holy martyrs Boris and Gleb, his father the prince is great Yuryi Vladimerich Manomash Dolgoruky on the river on the Nerl, and there is also the place of the holy martyrs Boris and Gleb."

Boris Yuryevich died May 2, 1159 in the city of Suzdal.

Boris's wife's name was Maria. In the opinion of N.A. Baumgarten, during the reign of Yuri Dolgoruky in Kiev, Yaroslav Yurievich married his son to Boris's daughter Yefrosiya

Boris was buried in the burial vault at the Church of Saints Boris and Gleb, Kideksha, where his wife and daughter are buried.


In 1675 the Suzdal voevoda Timofei Savelov, after examining the stone carcass, witnessed the lack of corruption of the relics of Prince Boris. Apparently, the local veneration of the prince began at this moment. However, a long time passed after the relics were found, before the prince was canonized, in 1982, being included in the Synaxis of All Saints of Vladimir. In 2002, the Holy Synod of the Belarusian Orthodox Church included the already glorified blessed Boris Yuryevich, Prince of Turov and Pinsk into the Cathedral of the Land of White Russia



Offspring of Boris Yuryevich of Belgorod (Борис Юрьевич) and Mariya of Belgorod (c1120-c1175)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Yefrosiya Borisovna (c1150-c1200) 1140 1200 Yaroslav II Yuryevich of Pinsk (c1154-1187)


Offspring of Yuri I Vladimirovich Dolgoruky of Kiev (c1090-1157) and Anna of Cumania (c1092-c1135)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Rostislav Yuryevich of Pereyaslavl (c1108-1151) 1108 1151
Ivan Yuryevich of Kursk (c1109-1147) 1109 24 February 1147 Koltesk, Kashira Rayon, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Olga Yuryevna of Kiev (c1110-1189) 1110 14 July 1189 Yaroslav Vladimirovich Osmomysl (c1135-1187)
Andrei I Yuryevich of Bogolyubovo (c1111-1174) 1111 28 June 1174 Ulita Stepanovna Kuchka
Mariya Yuryevna (c1112-1166) 1112 1166
Svyatoslav Yuryevich (c1113-1174) 1113 1174
Yaroslav Yuryevich (c1114-1166) 1114 1166
Gleb Yuryevich of Kiev (c1115-1171) 1115 20 January 1171 NN
Daughter of Izyaslav Davydovich (c1137-c1185)
Boris Yuryevich of Belgorod (c1116-1159) 1116 2 May 1159 Suzdal, Suzdal Rayon, Vladimir Oblast, Russia Mariya of Belgorod (c1120-c1175)
Mstislav Yuryevich of Novgorod (c1117-1166) 1117 1166 NN Petrovna of Novgorood (c1122-c1270)
Vasilko Yuryevich of Suzdal (c1118-c1162) 1118 1162

Offspring of Yuri I Vladimirovich Dolgoruky of Kiev (c1090-1157) and Olga NN (c1120-c1183)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Yelena Yuryevna (c1140-1165) 1140 1165 Oleg Svyatoslavich of Novgorod-Seversky (c1137-1180)
Mikhalko Yuryevich of Vladimir (c1150-1176) 1150 20 June 1176
Vsevolod III Yuryevich of Vladimir (1154-1212) 1154 12 April 1212 Mariya Shvarnovna of Ossetia (c1155-c1205)
Lyubov Vasilkovna (c1192-c1240)


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Yuri Dolgorukiy
Born: 1116 Died: 2 May 1158
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Svyatoslav Olgovich
Prince of Belgorod
Succeeded by
Mstislav Rostislavich
Preceded by
Andrei of Bogolyubovo
Prince of Turov and Pinsk
Succeeded by
Yuri Yaroslavich
Preceded by
newly created
Prince of Kideksha
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