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—  County (Judeţ)  —

Coat of arms
Country  Romania
Development region1 Sud-Est
Historic region Muntenia
Capital city (Resedinţă de judeţ) Brăila
 • Type County Board
 • President of the County Board
 • Prefect2 Mihaela Marcu
 • Total 4,766 km2 (1,840 sq mi)
Area rank 32nd in Romania
Population (2002)
 • Total 373,174
 • Rank 30th in Romania
 • Density 78/km2 (200/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal Code 81wxyz3
Area code(s) +40 x394
Car Plates BR5
GDP US$ 2.72 billion (2008)
GDP/capita US$ 7,286 (2008)
Website County Board
County Prefecture
1The developing regions of Romania have no administrative role. They were formed just to attract funds from the European Union
2 as of 2007, the Prefect is not a politician, but a public functionary. He (or she) is not allowed to be a member of a political party, and is banned to have any political activity in the first six months after the resignation (or exclusion) from the public functionary corps
3w, x, y, and z are digits that indicate the city, the street, part of the street, or even the building of the address
4x is a digit indicating the operator: 2 for the former national operator, Romtelecom, and 3 for the other ground telephone networks
5used on both the plates of the vehicles that operate only in the county limits (like utility vehicles, ATVs, etc.), and the ones used outside the county

Brăila (Romanian pronunciation: [brəˈila]) is a county (judeţ) of Romania, in Muntenia, with the capital city at Brăila.


In 2002, Brăila had a population of 373,174 and the population density was 78/km².

Year County population[2]
1948 271,251
1956 297,276
1966 339,954
1977 377,954
1992 392,031
2002 373,174


This county has a total area of 4,766 km².

Al the county lies on a flat plane: the Bărăgan Plain, one of the best areas for growing cereals in Romania.

On the east side there is the Danube, which forms an island - The Great Brăila Island surrounded by the Măcin channel, Cremenea channel and Vâlciu channel. On the northern side there is the Siret River and on the north-western side there is the Buzău River.



The agriculture is the main occupation in the county. Industry is almost entirely concentrated in the city of Brăila.

The predominant industries in the county are:

  • Food industry.
  • Textile industry.
  • Mechanical components industry.

In Brăila there is an important harbour, once the biggest cereal harbour in Romania.


The main tourist destinantions are:

  • The city of Brăila.
  • The Lacu Sărat Resort.

Administrative divisions[]

Brăila County has 1 municipality, 3 towns and 40 communes


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