Rab. Brian Tice was born 12 August 1971 in Plainwell, Allegan County, Michigan, United States to David Ira Tice (1948) and Kathleen Baker (1950) .

Detailed biography[]

Brian Tice, a native of Allegan, MI, is a playwright, songwriter, musician, poet, and minister of the Gospel.


  • while serving in music ministry at Otsego Congregational Church, Clancy Street Ministries, Adat Eytz Chayim, and Faith Fellowship Dispensational... composed a few dozen original worship songs and new arrangements of 3500-year-old Hebrew worship songs.
  • played the role of Mr. Aslaksen in Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People.
  • co-directed the stage production of Crystalyn Sheen Miller's Shakespeare on a Pitchfork.
  • wrote, scored, directed, produced, casted, and starred in The Other Cassius Clay, an original musical chronicling the life of 19th Century Kentucky Emancipationist Cassius Marcellus Clay.
  • directed Dennis Allen's The Harlequin & The Empath
  • played Alyosha Karamazov in Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Grand Inquisitor (Richard Bridges's stage adaptation of Brothers Karamazov).
  • vocal soloist in the Kalamazoo Valley Community Chorus
  • vocal soloist in the Georgia Tech Honors Institute Chorus
  • vocal soloist in the University of San Diego Honors Institute Chorus
  • performed with the Dixieland band Dick Gurn & the Music-Makers at Opryland in Nashville, TN (trumpet).


  • studied higher education at Kaplan University
  • M.Div candidate at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
  • studied youth ministry and ancient languages at Cornerstone University
  • studied modern languages and education at Kalamazoo Valley
  • studied cultural anthropology at University of San Diego
  • studied music ministry at Evangelical School of Biblical Studies
  • studied advertising art at Kendall College of Art & Design


  • 10 years as mission trip coordinator with Little Mary's Hospitality House critically-ill kids' ministry, Wellston, MI
  • 7 years as a volunteer and board member with Habitat for Humanity
  • 4 years as a tutor with Navigator Academy
  • 4 years as a mentor at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kalamazoo
  • 4 years as a lobbyist and advocate for Amnesty International
  • 4 years as a music minister with several congregations
  • 3 years as a volunteer at St. Leo's Soup Kitchen, Detroit
  • 2 years as a spokesman for Colin Powell's America's Promise initiative
  • 2 years on Service-Learning staff at Cornerstone University

Original Songs[]

  • All It Takes
  • And Faith is Somehow Popular Again
  • Àρα Απολεíπεται Σαβατισμóς
  • Dear Grama Minnie
  • He Cares
  • How Awesome A G-d (What Have We Got)
  • How will the Lost Ever Find Him?
  • L-rd of All Creation
  • O What A Glorious G-d We Serve
  • Sh'ma u Va'ahavta
  • So Much More
  • Still Workin' Miracles
  • Trust Him Through It All
  • When We Feed the Hungry
  • You're My Strength, You're My Song

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