Bryachislav Svyatopolkovich (Брячислав Святополкович) was born 1104 to Svyatopolk II Izyaslavich of Kiev (1050-1113) and Olena of Kipchak (c1070-c1125) and died 28 March 1123 of unspecified causes. Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

Bryachislav Svyatopolchich (baptized Pavel [1]; 1104/1105 - March 28, 1127 ) is one of the younger sons of Svyatopolk Izyaslavich from a marriage with a Olena of Kipchak. Presumably, he was a prince of Turov and Pinsk, or he had a small lot in the Principality of Turov and Pinsk or the Principality of Volhynia.


Bryachislav Svyatopolchich is mentioned in the annals only two times, in connection with birth and death. He was born in 1104/1105, in the period of the his father reigned in Kiev[2].

Preserved autograph Bryachislav.

In 2009, the inscription was found on the walls of Saint Sophia's Cathedral, Kiev :

Lord help his sinful slave, wretched Brachislav Pavl

The inscription dates from the end of XI - the first quarter of the XII century; it was probably made by a child and attributed to Brychislav Svyatopolkovich [1]. By this inscription and managed to find out the baptismal name of the prince.

Nothing is known about his possessions [3]. According to L. Voitovich , about 1110 Brychislav received the Principalityh of Turov and Pinsk. O. Rapov believes that he owned a small lot within the Principality of Turov and Pinsk or the Principality of Volhynia [3].

In 1127, the chronicle reports the death of Bryachislav Svyatopolchich: “the smaller Brychyslau ceased Svyatopolchich the month of March on the 28th day, and was buried in April at 5” [4]. L. Voitovich indicates a different date of death - 1123, but this date contradicts the sources and, apparently, is the result of a slip of the pen [1].

Information about the wife of Bryachislav and his children is not preserved.


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