Bryachislav Vasilkovich of Vitebsk was born 1140 to Vasilko Svyatoslavich of Polotsk (c1095-1144) and died 1186 of unspecified causes.

Bryachislav Vasilkovich (died after 1186 ) - Prince of Izyaslavl (c1158-c1159) , Prince of Vitebsk (1168-c1175, 1178-c1181). Representative of the Rurik dynasty in the Principality of Polotsk.


It is known about him very little. Bryachislav was, apparently, from the Vitebsk line of the Princes of Polotsk . His father was probably Vasilko Svyatoslavich.

In 1159 the Prince of Polotsk, Rogvolod Borisovich, gave Bryachislav the principality of Izyaslavl which he had to rule jointly his brother Volodysh. The Glebovichi Princes of Minsk besieged Izyaslavl and seized the brothers. They put Volodya in a dungeon, and kept Bryachislav confined. In 1160 Rogvolod Borisovich freed Bryachislav. In 1162, along with the other Princes of Polotsk princes, he went to the prince Vladimir Mstislavich, dear to Moscow, to Slutsk. As prince of Vitebsk, Bryachislav went to Drutsk in 1180 to help the Grand Prince of Kiev Svyatoslav Vsevolodich. Bryachislav distinguished himself in the battles against the Rostislavichi of Smolensk .

Marriage and children

His wife's name is unknown. Bryachislav had the following children:

  • Vasilko Bryachislavich of Vitebsk (c1165-c1216)
  • Vseslav Bryachislavich of Vitebsk (c1170-c1186)


Offspring of Bryachislav Vasilkovich of Vitebsk and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vasilko Bryachislavich of Vitebsk (c1165-c1216) 1165 1216 NN Davydovna of Smolensk (c1172-c1220)
Vseslav Bryachislavich of Vitebsk (c1170-c1186) 1170 1185


Offspring of Vasilko Svyatoslavich of Polotsk (c1095-1144) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vseslav Vasilkovich of Polotsk (c1120-c1186) 1120 1186
Mariya Vasilkovna of Polotsk (c1125-c1180) 1125 1180 Svyatoslav III Vsevolodovich of Kiev (c1123-1194)
Bryachislav Vasilkovich of Vitebsk (c1140-c1186) 1140 1186
Vladimir Vasilkovich ( -c1162)
Izyaslav Vasilkovich ( - c1182)
Vsevolod Vasilkovich (1185)
Olga Vasilkovna


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