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New South Wales
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Location in New South Wales
Cadastral units around Buccleuch
Clarendon Harden Harden
Wynyard Buccleuch Cowley
Selwyn Wallace Wallace

Buccleuch County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It contains the locality of Adjungbilly. The Murrumbidgee River is at the northern boundary, with the Goodradigbee River on the eastern boundary, and the Tumut River on the western boundary. It includes the northern part of the Kosciuszko National Park.

Buccleuch County was named in honour of the Duke of Buccleuch (1806-1884).[1]

Parishes within this county[]

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Adjungbilly Gundagai Shire Council 35°05′54″S 148°24′04″E / -35.09833, 148.40111 (Adjungbilly)
Baloo Tumut Shire Council 35°25′54″S 148°23′04″E / -35.43167, 148.38444 (Baloo)
Blowering Tumut Shire Council 35°22′54″S 148°17′04″E / -35.38167, 148.28444 (Blowering)
Bogong Tumut Shire Council 35°26′54″S 148°18′04″E / -35.44833, 148.30111 (Bogong)
Boraig Tumut Shire Council 35°38′54″S 148°22′04″E / -35.64833, 148.36778 (Boraig)
Bramina Tumut Shire Council 35°27′54″S 148°40′04″E / -35.465, 148.66778 (Bramina)
Brungle Tumut Shire Council 35°09′54″S 148°15′04″E / -35.165, 148.25111 (Brungle)
Bundarbo Gundagai Shire Council 34°54′49″S 148°21′08″E / -34.91361, 148.35222 (Bundarbo)
Bungongo Gundagai Shire Council 34°59′49″S 148°26′04″E / -34.99694, 148.43444 (Bungongo)
Childowla Gundagai Shire Council 34°59′54″S 148°30′04″E / -34.99833, 148.50111 (Childowla)
Clive Yass Valley Council 35°14′54″S 148°40′04″E / -35.24833, 148.66778 (Clive)
Cooleman Tumut Shire Council 35°17′54″S 148°26′04″E / -35.29833, 148.43444 (Cooleman)
Cowrajago Tumut Shire Council 35°08′54″S 148°30′04″E / -35.14833, 148.50111 (Cowrajago)
Cromwell Tumut Shire Council 35°19′54″S 148°41′04″E / -35.33167, 148.68444 (Cromwell)
Darbalara Gundagai Shire Council 35°01′54″S 148°15′04″E / -35.03167, 148.25111 (Darbalara)
Garnet Tumut Shire Council 35°23′54″S 148°34′04″E / -35.39833, 148.56778 (Garnet)
Goobarragandra Tumut Shire Council 35°29′54″S 148°33′04″E / -35.49833, 148.55111 (Goobarragandra)
Goobarralong Gundagai Shire Council 34°58′54″S 148°21′04″E / -34.98167, 148.35111 (Goobarralong)
Jibeen Tumut Shire Council 35°29′54″S 148°30′04″E / -35.49833, 148.50111 (Jibeen)
Jounama Tumut Shire Council 35°37′54″S 148°25′04″E / -35.63167, 148.41778 (Jounama)
Killimicat Tumut Shire Council 35°14′54″S 148°15′04″E / -35.24833, 148.25111 (Killimicat)
Mundongo Tumut Shire Council 35°16′54″S 147°19′04″E / -35.28167, 147.31778 (Mundongo)
Nanangroe Gundagai Shire Council 34°55′54″S 148°28′04″E / -34.93167, 148.46778 (Nanangroe)
Napier Yass Valley Council 35°16′54″S 148°34′04″E / -35.28167, 148.56778 (Napier)
Nimbo Tumut Shire Council 35°19′54″S 148°30′04″E / -35.33167, 148.50111 (Nimbo)
Peppercorn Tumut Shire Council 35°33′54″S 148°36′04″E / -35.565, 148.60111 (Peppercorn)
Pinbeyan Tumut Shire Council 35°44′54″S 148°24′04″E / -35.74833, 148.40111 (Pinbeyan)
Talbingo Tumut Shire Council 35°33′54″S 148°20′04″E / -35.565, 148.33444 (Talbingo)
The Peaks Tumut Shire Council 35°36′54″S 148°30′04″E / -35.615, 148.50111 (The Peaks)
Tumorrama Tumut Shire Council 35°14′54″S 148°30′04″E / -35.24833, 148.50111 (Tumorrama)
Wagara Gundagai Shire Council 35°04′54″S 148°15′04″E / -35.08167, 148.25111 (Wagara)
Wee Jasper Yass Valley Council 35°10′54″S 148°38′04″E / -35.18167, 148.63444 (Wee Jasper)
West Goodradigbee Yass Valley Council 35°02′54″S 148°37′04″E / -35.04833, 148.61778 (West Goodradigbee)
Wyangle Tumut Shire Council 35°12′54″S 148°23′04″E / -35.215, 148.38444 (Wyangle)
Yarrangobilly Tumut Shire Council 35°44′54″S 148°30′04″E / -35.74833, 148.50111 (Yarrangobilly)


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