Komnenodukai Angeloi Pedigree[]

This primary pedigree follows, as much as possible, matrilineal descent.

9) Alexios I Komnenos m Irene Doukaina

10) Theodora Komnene Porphyrogenita m Konstantinos Angelos

11) Andronikos Doukas Angelos

12) Isaac II Angelos of Constantinople

13) Irene Angelina m Philip of Swabia

14) Isabella of Swabia m Ferdinand III of Castile

15) Juan Manuel

16) Juan Manuel

17) Juana Manuel of Castile m Henry II of Castile

18) Eleanor of Castile m Charles III of Navarre

19) Blanche II of Navarre m John II of Aragon

20) Eleanor I of Navarre m Gaston IV

21) Catherine de Foix m Gaston de Foix

22) Anna of Foix-Candale m Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary

23) Anna of Bohemia and Hungary m Ferdinand I

24) Archduchess Maria of Austria m Wilhelm

25) Maria Eleonora of Cleves m Albert Frederick

26) Magdalena Sibylla of Prussia m John George I

27) Augustus

28) Magdalena Sibylle of Saxe-Weissenfels m Friedrich I

29) Anna Sophie of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg m Louis Frederick of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

30) Anna Sophie m Franz Josias

31) Charlotte Sophie of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld m Duke Louis of Mecklenburg

32) Sophia Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin m Frederick

33) Charlotte of Denmark m Prince William of Hesse

34) Louise of Hesse m Christian IX of Denmark

35) George I of Greece, who ascended the royal throne of the country his ancestors had ruled

Palaiologos pedigree[]

9) Emperor Alexios I m Eirene Doukaina

10) Theodora porphyrogennita m Konstantinos Angelos

11) Andronikos Angelos

12) Alexios III Angelos m Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera

13) Eirene Angelina m Alexios Palaiologos

14) Theodora Palaiologina m Andronikos Palaiologos

15) Michael VIII Palaiologos m Theodora Doukaina Batatzaina

16) Andronikos II Palaiologos m Yolande of Montferrat, great-great-granddaughter of Irene Angelina, herself the daughter of Isaac II Angelos

17) Theodoros Palaiologos

18) Yolande of Montferrat m Aimone

19) Amedeo VI m Bonne de Bourbon

20) Amedeo VII m Bonne de Berry, descendant of Kunigunda of Swabia, daughter of Irene Angelina

21) Amedeo VIII m Mary of Burgundy, descendant of Kunigunda, Queen of Bohemia, daughter of Irene Angelina

22) Margaret of Savoy m2 Louis IV

23) Philip

24) Amalia of the Palatinate m George I of Pomerania-Wolgast

25) Anne Margaret of Pomerania m Ernest

26) Elisabeth of Brunswick-Grubenhagen m John II

27) Alexander

28) August Philipp

29) Frederick Louis m Louise Charlotte of Augustenborg

30) Sophia Henrietta of Schleswig-Holstein-Beck m Albert Christopher

31) Frederica of Dohna-Schlobitten m Karl Anton August, paternal grandson of Frederick Louis, Duke of Beck

32) Friedrich Karl Ludwig

33) Friedrich Wilhelm m Louise Caroline of Hesse

34) Christian IX of Denmark m Louise of Hesse-Kassel

35) George I of Greece m Olga Konstantinovna of Russia

Laskaris pedigree[]

12) Alexios III Angelos m Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera

13) Anna Angelina of Constantinople m Theodore I Laskaris

14) Maria Laskarina m Bela IV of Hungary

15) Stephen V of Hungary

16) Maria Arpad of Hungary m Charles II of Naples

17) Margaret of Sicily m Charles

18) Jeanne of Valois m William III

19) Johanna of Hainaut and Holland m William V

20) William II

21) Johanna of Julich and Gelderland m Jan van Arkel

22) Maria van Arkel m Jan van Egmond

23) Arnold

24) Margaret of Gelderland m Frederick

25) John I of Simmern

26) John II of Simmern

27) Frederick III

28) Louis VI

29) Anne Marie of the Palatinate m Charles Vasa

30) Catherine of Sweden m John Casimir

31) Eleonora Catharina of the Palatinate m Frederick of Hesse-Eschwege

32) Christine of Hesse m Ferdinand Albert

33) Ferdinand Albert II, Duke of Brunswick

34) Juliane Marie of Brunswick m Frederick V of Denmark and Norway

35) Frederick

36) Princess Louise Charlotte of Denmark m Prince William of Hesse

37) Louise of Hesse m Christian IX of Denmark

38) George I of Greece

Descent through medieval Denmark, Sweden and Norway[]

The daughters of Eric IV of Denmark and his wife Jutta of Saxony were very early Scandinavians to descend from several Byzantine Emperors. Those daughters, Sophia of Denmark and Ingeborg of Denmark were progenitors of several lines of mighty Northern European princely dynasties, spreading Byzantine ancestry.

1) Emperor Leo VI of Constantinople m2 Zoe Tzautzaina

2) Anna of Byzantium m Louis the Blind, King of Lower Burgundy and Italy (disputed)

3) Charles-Constantine, Count of Vienne

4) Constance of Provence m Boso II

5) William II

6) Constance of Provence m Robert II of France

7) Robert I

8) Hildegarde of Burgundy m William VIII

9) William IX of Aquitaine m Philippa of Toulouse, descendant of Roubaud III, another descendant of Anna.

10) Agnes of Poitou m Ramiro II of Aragon

11) Petronella I of Aragon m Ramon Berenguer IV, maternal grandson of Gerberga, Countess of Arles, great-granddaughter of William II of Provence, another descendant of Anna

12) Dulcia of Aragon m Sancho I of Portugal, son of Afonso I of Portugal and Matilda of Savoy - Afonso I descends from the eldest son of Robert I, Duke of Burgundy the aforementioned, another descendant of Anna; and Matilda descends from counts Guigues of Albon, descendants of Richard de Vienne, another descendant of Anna.

13) Berengaria of Portugal m Valdemar II of Denmark

14) Eric IV of Denmark m Jutta of Saxony, daughter of Agnes of Austria (below)

15) Sophia of Denmark and Ingeborg of Denmark

3) Empress Theophanu from Byzantium m Emperor Otto II

4) Matilda of Saxony m Ezzo, Count Palatine of Lotharingia

5) Richensa of Lotharingia m Mieczyslav II of Poland

6) Richeza of Poland m Bela I of Hungary

7) Geza I of Hungary m Synadena from Byzantium

8) Almos of Hungary m Predslava of Kiev, daughter of Svjatopolk II of Kiev, maternal grandson of Richeza of Lorraine the aforementioned and so another descenant of Theophanu

9) Bela II of Hungary m Jelena of Serbia, said to have descended from Anna Dalassena through a sister of Alexios I Komnenos

10) Geza II of Hungary m Euphrosyne of Kiev, descendant of Emperor Constantine IX, below

11) Ilona of Hungary m Leopold V and Styria

12) Leopold VI and Styria m Theodora Angelina, daughter of Ioannes Angelos, himself a grandson of Konstantinos Angelos and Theodora Komnene porphyrogenneta the aforementioned, the youngest daughter of Alexios I Komnenos. Theodora Angelina was a first cousin of Emperors Isaac II and Alexios III.

13) Agnes of Austria m Albert

6) Constantine IX Monomachos

7) Irene/Maria/Anastasia Monomakhine m Vsevolod I of Kiev

8) Vladimir II Monomakh

9) Mstislav I of Kiev

10) Euphrosyne of Kiev m Geza II of Hungary

11) Ilona of Hungary

12) Leopold VI

13) Agnes of Austria

7) Alexios I Komnenos m Irene Doukaina

8) John II Komnenos

9) Andronikos Komnenos

10) Theodora Komnene m Henry II

11) Leopold V and Styria m Ilona of Hungary

12) Leopold VI

13) Agnes of Austria

The Austria line continues:

11) Ilona (Helen) of Hungary m Leopold V, Duke of Austria and Styria

12) Leopold VI of Austria m Theodora Angelina, great-great-granddaughter of Aleksios I, first cousin of Alexios III and Isaac II.

13) Agnes of Austria m Albert of Saxony

14) Jutta of Saxony m Eric IV of Denmark

15) Ingeborg of Denmark m Magnus IV of Norway

16) Haakon V of Norway

17) Ingeborg of Norway m Eric of Sweden

18) Euphemia of Sweden and Norway m Albert II

19) Ingeborg of Mecklenburg and Sweden m Henry of Holstein

20) Gerhard VI, Count of Holstein, Duke of Slesvig

21) Helvig of Slesvig m Derek, Count of Oldenburg, himself a descendant of Sophia, Queen of Sweden

22) Christian I of Denmark

23) Margaret of Denmark m James III of Scotland

24) James IV of Scotland

25) James V of Scotland m Mary of Guise

26) Mary I of Scotland m Henry Stuart

27) James I of England m Anne of Denmark

28) Elizabeth of Bohemia m Frederick V

29) Sophia of Hanover m Ernest Augustus

30) George I of Great Britain

31) George II of Great Britain

32) Louise of Great Britain m Frederick V of Denmark

33) Princess Louise of Denmark and Norway m Prince Charles of Hesse

34) Louise Caroline of Hesse m Friedrich Wilhelm

35) Christian IX of Denmark m Louise of Hesse

36) George I of Greece

Queen Olga's ancestry[]

Matriline: Descent from Empress Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera[]

12) Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera, Empress m Alexios III Angelos

13) Anna Komnene Angelina m Theodore I Laskaris

14) Maria Laskarina m Bela IV of Hungary

15) Ilona of Hungary m Boleslaw

16) Elisabeth of Kalisz m Henry V

17) Euphemia of Silesia m Otto II

18) Elisabeth of Carinthia m Peter II of Sicily

19) Beatrix of Aragon-Sicily m Rupert II

20) Anna of the Palatinate m William VII

21) Margaret of Julich m Otto

22) Elisabeth of Brunswick-Gottingen m Eric

23) Anna of Brunswick-Grubenhagen m Albert III

24) Elisabeth of Bavaria m Ernest I

25) Christina of Saxony m Hans I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden

26) Elisabeth of Denmark and Norway m Joachim I

27) Margaret of Brandenburg m John II, Prince of Zerbst

28) Maria of Anhalt-Zerbst m Albert V, Count of Barby

29) Maria of Barby m George III, Count of Erbach

30) Louise Juliane of Erbach m Ernest, Count of Sayn

31) Johannette zu Sayn m John George I, Duke of Saxe-Eisenach

32) Eleanor of Saxe-Eisenach m John Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach

33) Caroline of Ansbach m George II of Great Britain (1683-1760)

34) Anne of England (1709-1759) m Willem IV van Oranje-Nassau (1711-1751)

35) Wilhelmina Caroline van Oranje-Nassau (1743-1787) m Charles Christian of Nassau-Weilburg

36) Henriette of Nassau-Weilburg m Louis

37) Amalia of Wurttemberg m Joseph

38) Alexandra Iosifovna of Altenburg m Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich of Russia

39) Olga Konstantinovna of Russia m George I of Greece

Montpellier-Breton descent[]

Eudokia Komnene m William VIII, Lord of Montpellier

Marie of Montpellier m Peter II of Aragon

James I of Aragon m Violant of Hungary

Isabella of Aragon m Philip III of France


Isabelle of Valois m Peter I

Joan of Bourbon m Charles V of France

Charles VI of France m Isabeau of Bavaria

Joan of France m John VI

Isabelle of Brittany m Guy XIV

Jean de Laval, lord of La Roche

Guy XV and of Montfort

Charlotte de Laval-Montfort m Gaspard II

Louise de Coligny m William I-Nassau

Frederick Henry

Henriette Catherine of Orange-Nassau m John George II

Henriëtte Amalia van Anhalt-Dessau m Henry Casimir II of Nassau-Diez

Johan Willem Friso m Marie Louise of Hesse, daughter of Maria Amalia of Courland

William IV m Anne

Carolina of Orange-Nassau m Charles Christian of Nassau-Weilburg

Henriette of Nassau-Weilburg m Louis

Amalia of Wurttemberg

Alexandra Iosifovna of Altenburg

Olga Konstantinovna of Russia

Rohan descent[]

Maria Laskarina m Bela IV of Hungary

Anna of Hungary m Rostislav Mihailovich of Chernigov

Kunigunda of Chernigov m Otakar I of Bohemia

Venceslaus II of Bohemia

Elisabeth I of Bohemia m John I of Bohemia

Bonne of Bohemia m John II of France

Marie Valois m Robert I

Yolande of Bar m John I of Aragon

Yolande of Aragon m Louis II of Naples

Marie of Anjou m Charles VII of France

Madeleine of France m Gaston, Prince of Viana

Catherine I of Navarre m John III of Navarre

Isabelle of Navarre m René I de Rohan

Emperor Isaac II Angelos

Irene Angelina m Philip of Swabia

Maria of Swabia m Henry II

Henry III

Maria of Brabant m Philip III of France

Marguerite of France m Edward I of England

Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent (1301-1330)

Joan of Kent (1328-1385) m Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent (1314-1360)

Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent (1354-1397)

Margaret Holland (1385-1439) m John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset (c1373-1410)

Joan Beaufort (c1406-1445) m James I, King of Scotland (1394-1437)

Isabella of Scotland m Francis I

Marie of Brittany m Jean II de Rohan

Anne m Pierre de Rohan, Lord of Frontenay

René I de Rohan m Isabelle of Navarre

René II of Rohan

Catherine of Rohan-Frontenay m John II, Count Palatine of Zweibrucken

Magdalena Catharina of the Palatinate m Christian I, Count Palatine of Birkenfeld

Anna Magdalena of Birkenfeld m John Reinhard II

John Reinhard III

Charlotte of Hanau m Louis VIII

Landgrave George William of Hesse

Frederica of Hesse m Charles II

Charlotte of Mecklenburg m Frederick


Alexandra Iosifovna m Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich of Russia

Olga Konstantinovna of Russia

From the Skleros through Russian descent[]

A line of nobles bearing the name Skleros, legendarily descended from several earlier Roman Emperors, produced a scion:

6. XII. daughter: Skleraina m Constantine IX Monomachos

7. Anastasia/Maria/Eirene Monomakhine m Grand Prince Vsevolod I of Kiev, also known as Vsevolod Jaroslavich

8. Vladimir II of Kiev, also known as Vladimir Vsevolodich Monomah, m Gytha of Wessex

9. Mstislav I of Kiev also known as Mstislav Vladimirich, m Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden

10. Iziaslav II of Kiev also known as Iziaslav Mstislavich

11. Mstislav II of Kiev also known as Mstislav Iziaslavich, m Agnes of Poland, a 6th-generation descendant of Empress Theophanu, herself estimated to have been with a Skleros descent

12. Roman II of Kiev the Great, also known as Roman Mstislavich

13. King Daniel of Halych, also known as Danylo Romanovich, m Anna Mstislavna of Novgorod, a 5th-generation male-line descendant of Grand Prince Vladimir Monomakh

14. King Leo of Halych, also known as Lev Danylovich, m Constance of Hungary, daughter of Maria Laskarina (the aforementioned, Laskaris-Angelos-Komnenos) of the Nicean Empire and Bela IV of Hungary, himself descendant of Grand Prince Vladimir Monomakh and of Empress Theophanu

15. King George of Halych, also known as Yurij Lvovich, m Euphemia of Kujavia, granddaughter of Agafia Svjatoslavna of Novgorod and Conrad of Masovia, himself a descendant of Empress Theophanu (Euphemia also descended from Vladimir Monomakh)

16. Anastasia Yurievna of Halych m Alexander I, also known as Alexander Mihailovich, himself a 5th-generation male-line descendant of Yurij Dolgoruky, the 1st Grand Prince of Suzdal, a son of Grand Prince Vladimir Monomakh the aforementioned

17. Uljana Alexandrovna of Tver m Algirdas, Grand Prince of Lithuania and Ruthenia

18. Alexandra of Lithuania m Ziemowit IV, a descendant of Empress Theophanu

19. Maria of Masovia m Bogislas IX

20. Sophia of Pomerania m Eric II

21. Bogislas X m Anna of Poland, a granddaughter of Jogaila, the eldest son of Uljana of Tver the aforementioned

22. Sophia of Pomerania m Frederick I of Denmark and Norway

23. Elisabeth of Denmark m Ulrich III

24. Sofie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin m Frederick II of Denmark and Norway

25. Augusta of Denmark m John Adolf

26. Frederick III m Marie Elisabeth of Saxony

27. Augusta Maria of Holstein-Gottorp m Frederick VII

28. Albertina Frederica of Baden m Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp

29. Johanna Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp m Christian August

30. Catherine II of Russia, m Peter III of Russia

31. Paul I of Russia, m Sophie Marie Dorothea of Württemberg

32. Nicholas I of Russia m Charlotte of Prussia

33. Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich of Russia m Alexandra Iosifovna of Altenburg

34. Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia m George I of Greece

Legendary ancestry of Skleros[]

I. Archavir, Prince of Kamsarakan

II. Theodosia m Leo V the Armenian, son of Bardas Patrikios

III. daughter m Hmayeak/Myakes,noble of Adrianople

IV. Konstantinos m Pankalo

V. Bardas

VI. Basileios

VII. Bardas

2. VIII. Gregoria m Photeinos Skleros

3. IX. Bardas Skleros, usurper

4. X. Romanos Skleros

5. XI. (Basileios) Skleros m Pulcheria Argyropoulina

6. XII. daughter m Constantine IX Monomachos

7. XIII. daughter Eirene/Anastasia/Maria Monomakhine

8. XIV. Vladimir II Monomakh

V. Leon Argyros

VI. Eustathios Argyros

1. VII. Leon Argyros

2. VIII. Romanos Argyros m Agatha Lekapena, another daughter of Romanos I Lekapenos

3. IX. son Argyros

4. X. son Argyropoulos, Patrikios

5. XI. Pulcheria Argyropoulina

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