11th c. << - Establishments in Asia in the 12th century - >> 13th c.
1100s establishments in Asia110111021103110411051106110711081109
1110s establishments in Asia1110111111121113111411151116111711181119
1120s establishments in Asia1120112111221123112411251126112711281129
1130s establishments in Asia1130113111321133113411351136113711381139
1140s establishments in Asia1140114111421143114411451146114711481149
1150s establishments in Asia1150115111521153115411551156115711581159
1160s establishments in Asia1160116111621163116411651166116711681169
1170s establishments in Asia1170117111721173117411751176117711781179
1180s establishments in Asia1180118111821183118411851186118711881189
1190s establishments in Asia1190119111921193119411951196119711981199
1200s establishments in Asia1200

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