For an automatically-generated list of every registered user who has ever edited a Familypedia page, see the relatively new page Special:ListUsers.

Main types of category here:

  1. Contributors by nationality or residence - just add the category to your User page
  2. Contributors having some understanding of a specific language (which is why there are so many in "User en") - with "Babel" templates, which someone has to create or copy (after which anyone can use them)
  3. Other categories such as Category:Contributors who use Cyndi's List; these can be added as for nationality categories but can, more pictorially, be done with Wikipedia:Userboxes, which someone has to create or copy, preferably on a user subpage (after which anyone can use them); see Template:User category

Contributors to "facts" pages[]

The first panel you see in Form:Person has a field for contributor names at the bottom. Please just type or paste your user name (separated from any others by a plus (+) sign). However, if you want the result to show your real name or something else, add tags in this format: Elrondlair<display>[[User:Elrondlair|William Allen Shade]].

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